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Yr-Odyn Cottage | Aberdesach

Aberdesach Beach

I've just come back from a week at Yr-Odyn Cottage, near Abderdesach (I have no idea how to even woof those words).

You all know me so well and won't be surprised to hear that when Mummy mentioned there was a beach, I was beside myself and may have done a little doggy glee-wee when I howled my excitement.

Apparently, I have to paw out the more serious bits that our humans need to know about our accommodation, but then I'm allowed to paw another blog, which will tell my fellow hounds all about the dog friendly places I got to see (and some not so friendly ones I wasn't allowed in to).

View from the garden

On arrival, Mummy was very happy because this was left as a gift for her.

There was nothing left for me, which made me sad. I know it was Mummy's big Hawaii Five-O birthday while we were away but I don't understand why I wasn't left even a small little treat. I ran about sniffing everything in hope that I would find one! I even checked out the human loos, but found nothing!

After all my treat sniffing, I set about inspecting the quality of my sleeping and chilling arrangements. The doggy-house rules are that we are not allowed on the beds or furniture. I sleep on Mummy's head, so I as I understood it, I didn't ever sleep on the bed.

Yr-Odyn isn't really a cottage as such - it's a big spacious luxurious house, with three bedrooms: two doubles that have en-suites, and a twin bedroom with a family bathroom opposite it.

Main bedroom with sea view and en-suite (shower)

Second double, with side sea view and en-suite (shower and bath)

To top all the bedroom sniffing I'd done, I explored the open plan kitchen/diner, and lounge. Getting into the lounge threw me a little as it has glass doors and I am always confused by these. What are they supposed to do? Why can I see through them but can't get past them? I bumped my little nose I did... Mummy kept these open after that so I could run through as much as I liked.

According to human standards, the kitchen was well-equipped and had everything Mummy needed to cook. It was big enough for me to loiter at her feet and trip her up on a regular basis. Because it was open plan, I could scamper about while the smells wafted in the air, making my tummy rumble.

Log burner and cosy chairs

What do you mean, I 'm not allowed on the furniture?

I loved the house because my human was happy in it, but more than anything, I loved that when the front door opened, the beach was thirty seconds away with a little run. It meant that every morning I could go and frolic in the lapping waves. It wasn't the best beach I have been to, or ever seen, but when you get mountains on the vista, and can play in the sand when the tide goes out, a little dog couldn't ask for much more.

I woke up to the beach, and went to sleep with the sound of the beach. I spent more hours on it than I normally would because Mummy seemed to like how barren it was, and sometimes we were the only two living creatures to be seen.

A note from Julie

This was a lovely house for us to stay in and would make a perfect space for a family of six. Next to it is a little annex which can be hired out if the family/friends party is slightly bigger. Internally, the space just flowed and it felt like a home away from home. Some things weren't overly supplied, like washing up liquid and washing powder but Tescos is fifteen minutes up the road, and the Bangor one does a Click & Collect, so I didn't need to drag our food along with us.

As a very safety conscious dog owner, I had some concerns over the garden, which wasn't entirely enclosed. Rea was on an extra long lead for the first few days, until I knew that she wouldn't run off with the excitement. Dogs can escape down to the beach, and smaller dogs can certainly go under the garden gate. Luckily, there is a small footbridge to the house that Rea wouldn't walk over as it was like a metal grid/mesh, so she had to be carried. This limited her escape routes.

The house is set within a row of holiday homes but it was far from busy. The beach, as Little Rea said, isn't the best we have been to, but oh my, to wake up every morning to the sound of the waves and the view of the mountains, was just what I had wanted, despite the rocks and shingle. When the tide went out, sand appeared, and Rea loved digging in it.

In most places, the house was immaculate, with high spec kit throughout, but there were areas that need a little attention. I imagine it is cared for at the end of every season. Having travelled to so many places now, this house is in the top five of my choices.

Would we go back? Most definitely. David and Iona (the owners), were lovely and checked in by phone with me on arrival, and mid-week. The area was perfect for getting out to see things, and the immediate location was everything the soul needs for some mountain-pondering and sea-gazing. When the sunsets happen they are incredible, and it is so easy to take a mug of coffee or a glass of wine down to one of the rocks to sit on.

Night view

Morning view

Part of me hesitates to share such a hidden little piece of Wales in case it gets too busy and we can't stay there again, but this place is perfect for families, as well as solo travellers, and couples (not forgetting all the dogs we want to take with us).

Paw Rating 4/5 (would have been 5/5 but for the garden)



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