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When Hungry Dogs Travel – Dexas Popware Snack Duo with Travel Cup

Another useful travel companion Mummy has discovered is the Dexas Popware Snack Duo with Travel Cup.

This little piece of doggy travel kit is made from food-safe BPA-free materials, and is designed to take both water and kibble (300 ml in each side). It is accompanied by a little collapsible bowl that clips onto the travel cup. Like the Bonza Bowls, the Duo is dishwasher safe, although Mummy said she can’t validate this as she is the dishwasher and not much is safe within her domestic ability range.

I worried when I saw the Duo because I didn’t want the water to make all my kibble soggy … I hate soggy kibble … but the design seems to keep it perfectly dry. Mummy did learn a valuable lesson when filling it one day; she decided to put the water in first which meant quite a bit of my kibble fell into it when she came to fill the food side. The other lesson Mummy learnt is that there is only one bowl (they call it the Travel Cup); it is a small bowl that likes to collapse of its own accord. This doesn’t mean we don’t like it: quite the opposite. It comes with us on our day trips on a regular basis, and Mummy bought a second small bowl to accompany it; but it doesn’t take much for the Travel Cup to collapse at all.

One of the reasons it has adventures with us is sometimes Mummy doesn’t need to bring along a full meal for me; and the Duo is perfect for a light afternoon snack when we are having a picnic, or when Mummy stops for coffee and cake. It means I get to have a naughty treat too, and keeps me busy from attempting to procure all sorts of yummy delights from other humans by using my puppy eyes.

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