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When Hungry Dogs Travel - Bonza Bowls

When us doggies have adventures, there is a lot of planning involved by our humans. It isn’t just about where we are allowed to go; is it safe, what’s the travel time, and will there be too many humans squashing our little paws – our hungry tummies need looking after too.

My Mummy has spent a lot of her money, and time, hunting for the best method of travelling with my food and water; she doesn’t like carrying more than she has to, especially if the big camera is coming with us for a day out too. I now have more dog bowls and water bottles than my kitchen cupboard can take, and when I peer into it to sniff out my treats, I find them squashed inside things, or on top of random bowls I have only used once or twice. 

It really isn’t important to me how my food and water is served; as long as it is served, and in time to prevent me from doing a vigorous neon yellow hunger-sick.

The best travel dog bowls we have found are the collapsible ones. These come in all sizes and colours, and I have a wide range to match Mummy’s mood of the day. Sometimes I get orange, or yellow, or even a pale blue, but recently I have noticed that Mummy is sticking more to my Bonza Bowls.

It strikes me that this is for a few reasons. The Bonza Bowls are quite large (7 inches in diameter), and despite being lightweight, are both sturdy, and leak proof. Mummy likes them because they are made from food safe silicone with a BPA free plastic rim. This means I don’t have any nasty chemicals near my food. There are a few things about the bowls that I have absolutely no interest in, and other things that are extremely important to my eating experience.

Even though Mummy cares, I’m not personally interested that the bowls come with a Nylon carrier so they can be easily stored in either a cupboard or Mummy’s bag, I don’t care that they are dishwasher safe either, or that they have a quick release clip so they can be attached to Mummy’s bag, or back pack (the clip also has a silicone water bottle holder designed into it). But, I do care that the bowls can collapse to just ¾ of an inch for my little nose, and that when I am really thirsty, they can take up to five cups of water in them. If you have a bigger nose than me, the bowls are designed for those up to six inches long … I guess size might be important in the doggy world, but remember hounds, small is beautiful too, and these bowls cater for both big and small. One thing I particularly like about them is that they don’t randomly collapse when I am snuffling my nose in further for the last remains of chicken, or something just as yummy.

My Bonza Bowls have travelled all over the country with me during my adventures and in September, they will be travelling on our road trip to Scotland too. They flatten down into their case and get thrown into Mummy’s bag, be it for a long day out, a week away, or a road trip adventure. Mummy seems to love them, especially as they come in a pack of two, although she wishes they came in some prettier colours as we both like to add a splash to our adventures, and all dogs deserve something pretty to eat out of.  

They may seem a little pricey but given how well they have been used, the cost has been worth it because they really do get battered around, not just by Mummy, but I like to dig in them as a reminder that I need food or water.

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