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Whelk Coppers | Sheringham - Norfolk

Life doesn't get much better for us hounds, than visiting Norfolk. Not only are there numerous beaches to run on, where the sand looks like it has been sprinkled with diamond dust, there are so many dog-friendly tearooms where we can sit with our humans after a long walk, and snooze off the incessant digging or ball chasing, all while they replenish themselves in order to give us even more fun in the afternoons.

Photo Credit - Whelk Coppers

Whelk Coppers is another little gem that can be found on the Sheringham shores, with views of rolling waves, and people happily meandering along the orangey-gold sands. It does more than just cream teas too, and for fussy eaters like my Mummy, it even has gluten-free options.

Us hounds are not just allowed to sit outside, we can go inside too, which means no sitting out in the cold, or in the rain ... or as it has been lately, the galing winds of whatever storm has been blasting us these past few weeks.

Biscuits and water are provided free of charge for us furry little things, which could be construed as unfair when the humans have to pay for theirs. I don't mind though. My rationale for such treats is that we make the humans laugh, swoon, swear, cry and then laugh again; that's quite some skill-set we have without even trying.

Sheringham itself is an interesting town to wander around. The promenade has some cool features that make it more sniffable, and there's a lot to be explored if you have the time. A good site to look at is here.

The beach is lovely, but there are summer restrictions in place. These are easy to follow though and during the winter months, it is a lovely beach to frolic on.

There is also the North Norfolk Railway (The Poppy Line), which even if you don't go on for a ride along the coast (we didn't have time), has a really cool station that is great for a few photos and made me feel I might see a young Harry Potter hiding somewhere amongst the trunks.

We ran out of time to explore Sheringham fully because (and I'm not admitting to having been to the beach), I got a little carried away digging for precious stones. Had I have not done this, we might have found time for a bit more exploring ... however, I accept no responsibility for us not taking a trip on The Poppy Line. Mummy didn't check that it was running, and during the winter months it doesn't seem to, except for weekends. I would also like to add that had I not dug on the beach I can never admit to going to, I wouldn't have found Mummy a very precious and important black shell that I am convinced contained a black pearl once. She liked it so much that she kept it. Life isn't just frivolous fun you know ... we do have a purpose to our obsessions.


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