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Wells next the Sea - Norfolk

Sandy, Salty Memories.

Wells has to be one of the most favoured dog friendly beaches there is in the U.K. It has everything a doggy needs, and the humans are well provided for too.

Getting there – according to Mummy (and she is always getting us lost), it’s easy: just follow Sat Nav to NR23 1DR, or if you’re doing it old style and using a map, find Beach Road, drive right to the end and park up in the well equipped car park. You can’t miss your destination as the Beach Café is right at the end of the road and there is nowhere else to go. Parking fees can be found here.

Before you take the walk to the beach, there are facilities to use and a water station for us doggies. This is good to know if you are planning on walking to Holkham as there are no human loos at that end.

Once you are all set to go, walk along the woods until you find the stairway that takes you over the dunes and onto the beach. The steps, dusted with sand, can be a little busy so don’t let us woofs roam too far on a long lead. You will come out between the beach huts (which you can hire), to one of the most beautiful expanses of sand, sand dunes, beach huts, sea, crab pools and endless play possibilities.

It is best to turn left when you reach this sandy heaven as dogs aren’t allowed on the right side of the beach; this is the only restriction, and to be fair, we have the bigger and more interesting section of the beach to run around on. If your humans are feeling energetic, they can walk you up to Holkham, either along the sea line, or behind the sand dunes. The sand in the dunes is thick and luxurious so requires some effort on our humans’ part, but along the sea edge it is firmer, which means we can splash around chasing balls in the water as we walk. My mummy likes to walk both ways as there are water pools in the sand dunes too that we paddle and play in. I think these are my favourite bits because I like to leap off things and splash-land like an Olympian.

The tide can go out for about a mile too, so sometimes the sea can’t be seen but it is fun to have my nose to the ground to sniff it out, and I always lead the way like a sniffer-hound, until we find it. This gives me more chance to obsess over my ball, and for mummy to get some exercise on her arms (as well as her legs). It is our duty as dogs to get our humans moving as much as we can.

When you’ve had your day playing, paddling, chasing, digging (the sand is brilliant for digging), and generally doing all the things that us dogs like to do, there is comfort back at the Beach Café, with lots of tasty treats to replenish the humans, and even free doggy biscuits that the Café staff hand out if they see you. There’s lots of water, lots of other dogs to sniff, and doggy parking places (although Mummy wouldn’t ‘park’ me, I’m sure).

Something I have noticed is that places often call themselves dog friendly to get our humans’ business but then often aren’t; the Beach Café is a happy place for dogs, and other than supplying us with a doggy menu, everything we need is catered for. I was even allowed into the Café while Mummy chose her breakfast (before we started because she is always in chaos in the mornings).

Wells will leave you exhausted, like it does me; there is just so much to sniff and investigate, and the humans seem to love it just as much. Whenever we get home from a day-out there, Mummy and I pass out together, all sandy and salty, and full of happy memories.

Know before you go – you don’t need to take anything with you apart from some money, as there are ample facilities just a short walk from the beach. The Holkham end doesn’t have human loos so make sure you go before you embark on the long walk.

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