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Trigony House Hotel - Dumfries

Trigony House Hotel is an Edwardian Country House set in four acres of gardens and grounds just a mile south of Thornhill in Southern Scotland. This kind of information doesn't hold much interest to me except for the fact that four acres means a lot of sniff potential for my ever-active Spaniel nose, which consumes smells at a volume similar to Mummy's chocolate consumption.

What interested me the most about Trigony is that is claims to be one of the UK's most dog friendly hotels so when Mummy said we were going on a road-trip to see two of my most favourite girls, I was doubly excited. I wondered what one of the UK's most dog friendly hotels would be like. Did this mean I would get an entire bed all to myself? I asked Mummy this and she said I pretty much already did as she slept on the edge while I stretched out my entire little body and stole her pillow. I don't know why she says these things as she gets the length of the bed all to herself – I only take up the width, which is shorter, right?

We landed at Trigony in the early afternoon and received a lovely welcome, with Mummy being helped up the grandious staircase with all my luggage (I needed my posh outfits from HWR Designs, especially my Harris Tweed, if I was to accompany Mummy to supper).

Our room was traditional, warm, and cosy, with everything we needed to make our three nights feel just perfect.

With an amazing garden view of the new spa room and hot tub, I spotted fields behind and was told that as long as there were no livestock in any of them I could go galavanting to my heart's content and sniff a few cowpats.

After such a long drive up from Buxton, I was thrilled to learn such news and dragged Mummy down the country lane into the first field that had its gate open (we don't get cowpats in London). My excitement soon disappeared when I didn't find any in the Scottish field either. I did find lots of mud though, ripped through by the local tractor and deep enough for my little legs to squidge into, up to my tummy hair. This horrified Mummy because she hadn't unpacked my bed blankie or my travel towels, and the sheets on our bed were pristine white, ready for us to collapse into later. She knew, like I knew (with a very naughty smirk) that those sheets wouldn't stay so white once I had bounced all over them! This gave me great joy, as you can see below.

I didn't smugly-smirk for too long though and I have a very big complaint I do: I'm not sure I would call Trigony's understanding of dogs and their love of mud very dog friendly at all. In my opinion fellow hounds, they need to get rid of this feature without question, and ditch the concept all together. There I was, anticipating the joy of rubbing dirty paws and a dirty chin all over those clean sheets and Mummy discovered this at the side of the hotel. No Trigony, no! This is not dog friendly, this is doggy torture! I was not amused, especially because Mummy then found something on the way into the hotel that harboured dry clean doggy towels.

I didn't stand a chance my doggy friends, to even get a sniff of being dirty or rubbing my stinky scent all over the warm sumptuous furniture in the lounge, where Mummy took me next.

After ruining my holiday TOTALLY, Mummy had a quick drink and a much needed lounge before we dressed up for supper and wandered down to the bar area where I was allowed to eat with her. I adorned my most favoured Harris Tweed and felt like a very grown-up poo as we fine dined together.

Food at the hotel is rather yummy (and home-made by the owners), using organically grown vegetables, herbs, organic meat and local game. I didn't feel alienated from the restaurant because the bar area was just like a beautiful restaurant in itself. The service was incredible and my tummy got rubbed all the way through the evening by the wonderful staff who looked after my Mummy. Some of Mummy's food landed in my special travel bowls too so I was a happy little Cockapoo, able to rest at Mummy's feet until bedtime.

Early the next morning, we were allowed to eat our breakfast together too. Without even asking me what I wanted, a doggy sausage arrived, pre-cut and ready for Mummy to mix with my food. I don't know about you my doggy friends, but I can forgive the hound-hose in the garden, in lieu of a free morning sausage.

Satisfied, with our full bellies and numerous chin tickles (me, not Mummy – that might be rather an odd thing to watch), I got rather excited that we were heading out for the day to Drumlanrig Castle to meet the girls we had travelled hundreds of miles to see. The castle is about five miles from the hotel and oh oh, it smelt and looked so good!

I had so much fun at the castle, which had tea rooms, little shops, toilets for the humans and a play area for the girls. It was such a great day that I totally exhausted myself and was too tired that evening for supper with Mummy and her lovely friend. I almost fell asleep with my nose in my supper.

Our three nights seemed to go so quickly and Trigony House Hotel was an amazing adventure to have with my Mummy. Being there made me feel at home and although I still think they should ditch the hose-monster that cleans our dirty feet (Mummy and I have agreed to disagree on this subject), it is up there with our stay at The Goodwood last spring. In many ways, it is even better because Trigony doesn't just welcome dogs, it embraces us as if we lived at the House. It is well thought out with the hose-monster and towels, it doesn't mind us sleeping on beds and even provides throws for us to do so, it brings out sausages for breakfast and allows us to get tummy rubs from genuine dog lovers who have their own dogs in the hotel, especially Roxy, who has a liking for behind-the-ear rubs. Mummy thinks that is the key to its doggy success; the owners, Adam and Jan love us hounds and this has filtered through to how they look after us.

We loved it so much that we plan to go back hopefully this year, and Adam and Jan love us hounds so much that they have given me my own little discount code that I am able to share to all our readers and followers.

If you want to stay at the Trigony, give them a call and use the code 'littlerea'. This will give you twenty percent off the Hotel & Micro Spa. Just so you know, we didn't get paid, or didn't get a discount for this review. It was something both Mummy and I felt we had to write because it is so rare to find such a wonderful hotel that is truly dog friendly and goes beyond expectations.

We have also written a blog about what it means to be dog friendly, or dog tolerant, which you can find here.

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