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Updated: Jun 26, 2018

The Goodwood Hotel is set in the heart of the glorious 12,000 acre Goodwood Estate in West Sussex; it exudes the very essence of luxury in quintessential British style. Mummy took me there for two nights at the end of our road trip around Wales, Devon and Cornwall. After a month in a hired motorhome (Bertha the Beast), travelling to distant lands (well, remote beaches), Mummy felt we both needed a bit of pampering before we headed home. 

Many hotels claim to be dog friendly, so we were interested to find out what The Goodwood could offer us tired travellers. Finding the Estate was easy but finding the actual hotel area from the car park, required a little bit more navigation as it is set back from the main health club and golf course.

Once we had struggled with bags (mainly mine), and found reception to check-in, we were pleasantly surprised when we entered our room. Although we weren't lucky enough to book one of the garden rooms that have patios and access to a small grassy courtyard, I was excited to see that I had been given a bowl of doggy biscuits, my very own bed, and a big bowl for my water. The Goodwood Hotel has six rooms where us doggies can snooze with our humans, and staff were really helpful when Mummy called to ask about the details. 

After settling in (and a biscuit munch), Mummy and I decided to explore the vast Goodwood grounds. Other than on the golf course, I was allowed to walk with Mummy anywhere, as long as I stayed on the lead. There are lots of nearby walks where I was allowed off lead too. We realised that Goodwood doesn't just say it is dog friendly ... it IS dog friendly. They have even have the Kennel Club, which is not just for us doggies, but for humans too. It's a rather sumptuous membership club, but if you want some luxury in life then this would certainly be a favourite option. 

After walking under the hot afternoon sun for a couple of hours, both Mummy and I needed to replenish ourselves with some substance. We often find that I am not allowed in the bars and restaurants, despite the dog-friendly claims, so we were thrilled that we could continue our enjoyment of the day by dining together in the Club Room which is next to the Bar & Grill; we loved the fact that I was allowed to sit on Mummy's feet as she snuck pieces of cheese under the table for me. I was also given my very own water bowl again. The Club Room was a bit rowdy at times, with a few highly excited and inebriated men yelling at the horses on TV; because it is the main bar area close to the patio and golf course, we realised that the Club Room wasn't just the best place for doggies, it was also the best place to intake several alcoholic beverages for men who like to place bets and then watch the anticipation of their gambles, on screen. Stealth like, we made our great escape to the tables on the patio, and continued to enjoy our late afternoon supper together under the sunshine (maybe a few giant umbrellas would have been nice to shade under).

Inebriated gamblers aside, we enjoyed the pleasure of sharing cheese together, and sauntered back to our room for a light snooze ... or so Mummy tricked me into believing. An entire month away on the beaches meant I was full of sand, matted, and in need of a hose down; so, I was bathed in the luxurious bath, and wrapped in a big fluffy towel before I was allowed my afternoon nap!

The next morning, Mummy wasn't sure what to do with me for breakfast; it was one thing taking me to the bar, but no one had told her the breakfast rules. We decided bravely that I would go with her, expecting to be turfed out, or, for other guests to moan that I was in the main restaurant area, but those things never happened. Instead, Mummy ordered herself some breakfast, and then ordered a side plate of scrambled eggs and a sausage, for me. Sometimes, you just have to be cheeky and see what you can get away with. We felt cheeky but no one seemed to mind that I was having my breakfast too. 

Our stay at Goodwood was much needed after a month in Bertha the Beast, It is one of the dog friendliest hotels we have stayed in ... not because they go out of their way to make us dogs welcome, but because they didn't go out of their way to make me feel unwelcome. The biscuits, bed and bowl were a lovely touch, and I would love it if every hotel gave me a bowl of biscuits when I arrived, but the best thing is that other than getting lots of tummy rubs and chin tickles, no one really noticed I was there and no one made a fuss about where I went with Mummy. I imagine they would have done if she had taken me into the pool with her, but I can understand that as I have a habit of peeing in puddles, small, or large, I just like to pee in water. 


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