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The Beach Series | Sandyhills Bay - Scotland

Sandyhills beach backed onto the campsite we stayed at on our way back from our NC500 adventure. It was the last beach I was going to EVER see in my lifetime and I wasn't a very happy Poo! I tried to maroon myself on a deserted log (I couldn't find an island) but then I saw Mummy wander off without me and decided that maybe life on a log wouldn't be as much fun as sniffing out the delights of my first ever beach.

Sandyhills is quite a large and sandy beach, with enough space for my little legs to experience the joy of running and splashing through the cold Scottish waters. It's situated along the Dumfries and Galloway coastline, and the sand slopes gently out to the water which, when the tide is out, can't be seen. This meant we could walk for hours because the beach just seemed to get bigger and bigger. I didn't venture too far without Mummy though because the sand felt so wet and soft that I thought it might suck me in. I only have little legs (really little) and it doesn't take much for me to lose them in puddles, mud, and soggy sand.

For us hounds, there are lots of things to explore, like funny smelling moss-ridden sticks in the ground and caves (the caves were so secret that it took a while to find them). There were giant logs to conquer and, on the days we visited, there were the elements to tackle too, like a wind that whipped my wild Scottish moustache into the air like candy-floss!

For humans, there is a car park, a small shop, a café, and some loos. For us hounds, there is nothing but freedom all year round, rocks, rock pools, sticks, seaweed, and salty seas. It's definitely a doggy sensory delight, and by the end of the day, I had worn my little self out and was happy to head back to Bertie the Brave (our camper van for the month).


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