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The Beach Series | Druridge Bay

Sometimes, Mummy has an argument with sat nav and ignores everything the annoying little machine tells her to do because she sees something that looks interesting and diverts Betty (our Mini), off the main road and down some shambling bumpy lane that only a half-pint Mini should attempt. On our trip to Northumbria last year, she did just this, and found a little gem we didn't know existed!

Druridge Bay is an amazing landscape: a stunning seven mile stretch of sand (seven miles my friends), that runs from Amble to Cresswell.

There's not just sand to snort and dig, there is also a country park which is so full of smells that I went into a dizzy overload of delight.

The Bay Country Park has all the amenities our humans need to enjoy taking us hounds to the beach. It has toilets, a cafe and children's play area which are all centred around a lake.


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