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The Beach Series | Broadhaven Beach - Bosherston

Broadhaven beach is a wide sandy bay backed by dunes that lead from The National Trust owned Bosherston Lakes. The beach has masses and masses of soft sand at low tide, which means I could dig and dig without ever running out of places to bury my invisible bone.

My fellow hounds, this is one of my favourite beaches EVER. Not only does it have very diggable sand, but it is full of rock pools to splash in, big boulders to leap off, other dogs to sniff and chase, secret coves to hide in, and views that my Mummy enjoyed gazing at, but it also has no doggy rules except the usual poo one. I was allowed anywhere and everywhere. So, I explored every single nook and cranny of the beach over two whole days, and I fell in love.

There were even giant monsters to bark at and protect Mummy from.

Access to the beach can be from two directions. Firstly, from the car park above the beach at its southern end. This little car park has a food van that sells or sorts of delights and some that Mummy bought on a few occasions. There is also a little shop, and some loos too. It isn't suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs due to the number of steep steps down the cliff, and according to Mummy, the steep sandy hill that she found difficult to climb because the sand is so deep! Access is much easier from the northern end, through the lily ponds, with board walks onto the sand.

Once one the beach, mooching, running, sniffing and rolling are much easier, but the southern end is not for the faint hearted.

If you have enough of the sand and sun (I don't even know how this could be possible), there is a lovely walk from the northern end, towards the Lily Ponds and Lakes.

At the end of the walk, which smelt beautifully of wild garlic and fresh water, there is a wonderful tea room to the left of the car park that humans land in. You can't miss it because everyone is walking that way.

Now, here's a little secret for the more intrepid hounds who want to find a piece of heaven all to themselves. If you walk along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Pat, away from the beach, and away from the Barafundle Bay direction, towards St Govan's Head, you will come across a secret cove. There are absolutely no facilities in this cove, and barely anyone knows it is there.

We spent an entire day on our own, with no other humans to interrupt the time I was spending with my ball (oh, and Mummy of course). I got to paddle, dig, run, sniff, and sleep, all in my own little piece of heaven.

There is just one thing we need to tell you before you venture out looking for this secret bay ... it is so secret that I am sure they employ the British Army to protect it because we had to pass through gates that gave warnings about the Military of Defence doing practise manoeuvres and we could hear gunners and tanks in the distance. Mummy said it was safe though because they put up flags to let you know whether humans and hounds are allowed to pass through the local military Hunger Games!

The other thing I need to inform my fellow hounds about is food. The beaches, the walks, the digging and all the excitement actually made me hungrier than I have EVER been in my entire life! So, make sure your humans sit you down for a three course meal at the end of the day, with light refreshments, because you will need your energy for the next day!

I LOVE LOVE this area and can't wait to go back one day. It was the best time.


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