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The Beach Series | Brancaster - Norfolk

It's true that when I hear we are going to Norfolk, I always think of Wells-next-the-Sea or Holkham. Most of us hounds know these beaches well and dream about them in our sleep. Those little noises we make when we are napping, are usually us thinking about running on golden sands, chasing gulls or balls, and rolling in anything that may have taken an untimely end along the shores ... but ... there are other glorious finds in Norfolk, and Brancaster Beach is one of them.

There are miles and miles of silky sands; most of it is easy to walk on for the humans too. It can be accessed along the golf course, or down the slip.

Even better for humans, who need facilities to wee and poop, there is a free toilet block that is situated near the car park. From here, us hounds can go in either direction, and something I have learnt is that if we walk left and do a long walk that way, we can come back to the loos in the middle for Mummy, and then head off right and do another walk. There is even a little coffee and food hut which means there might be the chance of a doggy sausage – if you are allowed one. Apparently, I am on a diet. I don't know why this has been decided on my behalf because I personally feel that Mummy needs some encouragement in this area too, and she doesn't seem to realise that when I stare at her food, I am silently saying, 'do you really need that because I am willing to help you keep it off your muffin-top.' Humans ... they don't understand, do they?

During the winter months, there are no doggy restrictions, but there are in summer. That doesn't really matter though because it's only on one part of the beach and we still have a long gallops worth of beach to go crazy on.

If you get fed up with taking all your picnic gear along the long Holkham path, then walking all the way down to the water, Brancaster Beach is a refreshing short distance from the car park (which does charge despite it being a National Trust car park).

The best time to go is when the tide is out because it makes the beach even bigger, so do a double-check before you go because it can come in quite high. My favourite time is mid-morning when the tide is out because if I'm sneaky enough, I can run down to the lapping waves and plonk the ball in them, which means Mummy has to take her shoes and socks off to paddle with me. When she does this, I know I am in for some squealing, and I can join in with a few howls here and there.

For fellow sand-diggers, it's up there with some of the best sands I have dug in. There are good size pebbles to hunt for and toss about, and Mummy and I make sure we have a supply of them before she sits down because I am prone to tossing them under my tummy and through my back legs, which means I can't always find them again. I tend to snort a lot of sand if I lose them and that’s not good for my little stomach or the sand castles I poop.

The best thing about this beach is that it‘s much quieter than most, yet the eye can't see any end to it; this means I get an even longer walk while we go hunting.

Mummy reminded me that I need to tell you some practical things too, like taking coins for the parking, and knowing that the car park is wet and muddy so don't walk in clean pumps. There are also some seals way off in the distance to the left of the loos, but I never got close to them ... and always watch the tide. We imagine it would be easy, if you walk out too far, to get cut off. And oh, there are no poo bins along the way, and if you are anything like me, you will poo at the beginning of the walk, and your humans will have to carry it for hours. Well ... we bring them joy don't we, so I feel no shame.


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