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The Beach Series | Big Sands | Gair Loch

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Some beaches are a little piece of heaven on earth, and Big Sands is just that, situated on the shores of the Gair Loch! It's sheltered from the onshore wind by Longa Island and has the most magnificent mountain views of Skye and Torridon. It's not one of the longest beaches we have been to by any means but oh my, the sunsets I got to see with my Mummy while we played and splashed in the gently lapping seas, were like the sky had decided to explode a deep luxurious palette of oranges that splashed their reflection on the silky ripples of a giant pond .

On a more serious note, I personally think the below is the best view my Mummy has ever had in her life!

During the day, the beach is still as lovely, with it's misty views of the islands close by. The sand is lovely and golden, and humans can picnic there for breakfast, or lunch, without much interruption.

Unless you have a Poo that likes to dig and wreck the peaceful tranquility humans often feel when gazing out at stunning views!

The beach was awarded a Rural Seaside Award in 2004 and facilities include toilets and showers while there is a shop providing refreshments in the caravan park adjacent to the beach. We stayed at the caravan park in Bertie the Brave, during our Scottish Road Trip.

The caravan park has so many places to pitch up for the night, from hard pitches to soft ones, to random spaces near a hook-up. Wherever you park, you'll find yourself near very good facilities.

There is a well-equipped shop on-site where even Mummy found decent food to eat (and she's really fussy). The facilities were a welcome treat after some of the campsites we visited, and they even had a restaurant, although we didn't try it as we were so exhausted from all our beachy digging.

If you are considering a trip to Scotland, this is one beach that needs to be seen, particularly for the incredible sunsets. We were both sad to leave Big Sands, even though we had so many other adventures ahead of us.

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