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Updated: Jun 1, 2018

How is a hound supposed to sleep when they know that they are going on a road-trip the next day? I had an outfit to choose and a bag to pack – full of bandanas and balls – of course! I woke so early on the day of our adventure, that even Mummy was surprised because I am lazy in the mornings!

Mummy said we were heading back to Mother Ivey's Bay; I've been once before, on our first major road trip, in Bertha the Beast. Many of you will remember Bertha because she attacked Mummy several times, throwing her out of the door late at night when she didn't agree with Mummy drinking pink fizz, and trapping her hand in the seating when they had an argument about who lost the camera card. With these memories in mind, I wasn't sure what to expect when visiting the Bay again. I wondered if Bertha would be there, but this time, Mummy said we were staying in something called a 'static'. Apparently a static is an even bigger Bertha – without the wheels – so I was a little confused. My confusion didn't last long though because then I was reminded that there are beaches in Cornwall, lots of beaches, and I have never been to a beach before. I HAVEN'T! I know you think I have but Mummy is a rotten liar with all her photos. I think she pays someone to photoshop me in because I have never felt the sand beneath my paws and I want to make a big complaint about this!

We travelled for hours in Betty, our little Mini, and only stopped once, at a place called East Knoyle, where there were woods for me to frolic in. It's a lovely little village halfway from London to Padstow, and the perfect place for a wee break, breakfast, and a stretch of my little legs. We were so early that Mummy didn't see anywhere open to have a cup of coffee, but I shared my water with her and even offered her some of my biscuits and chicken – she declined and ate a packet of Quavers instead.

Another two and a half hours later we arrived at Harlyn Bay.  Before even getting to our new home for a week, we pulled into the carpark (which cost a massive £4.50 by the way and the loos were broken so Mummy was getting a bit desperate), and I was allowed to run off lead into the sand. I ran and ran, shoving the sand up under my nose, rolling in the delight of feeling it on my matching fur, and revelling in the glory of running like Usain Bolt. I may not have won a gold medal for my efforts but I was of Olympian greatness in that moment ... hurdling salty water streams and conquering great castles made of sand by human explorers. 

Imagine my distress when Mummy finally walked me back to the car and told me we had to find our static home, especially as she needed to use it after seven hours of no relief. 

When we arrived at Mother Ivey's Bay, Mummy was thrilled to find our little home right near the Bay's entrance. We knew I wasn't allowed down there off lead between 10.00 to 18.00 but I was still allowed down onto the sand if I was on the lead. Outside of the peak times, I was allowed to do anything I wanted on the silky sands, and I was excited for the evening to come. 

The first thing Mummy wanted me do was unpack my bag. I didn't though, I had other jobs to do, like explore all the furniture, sniff out the smells of other dogs, investigate the neighbours, and woof a little to let everyone know I had arrived.

The static came with rules but they were mainly about my poo. Mummy deals with those sorts of things and when I read the welcome note from Pumpkin, the Park's own hound, I was pleased to find I was allowed on the furniture, and even had the pleasure of a Park blankie to make sure I didn't muddy the settees. I was welcomed even more with my very own special dog biscuits and poo bags. 

Mummy was really happy with the static which gave me some relief and I could relax. It wasn't going to be another war of wills like it was between Bertha the Beast and Mummy. The static was gentle and clean. The only thing Mummy pulled a face at was having to make the bed up on arrival. After such a long drive, I think she just wanted to flop onto it for a moment. I'd have liked that too because I would have got a cuddle but instead, Mummy had to busy herself. 

Unpacked, watered, and relieved, Mummy took off my travel harness and put on my holiday collar. I like it when she does this because it means I am free to run wild, get wet, get dirty, get anything I want because holidays mean the rules don't exist anymore. We should have holidays every day. I think Mummy is trying!

We wandered down to the Bay, thrilled to be back to one of the most beautiful little pieces of heaven.

It was cold though so we didn't stay too long ... but it was long enough for me to get a tiny tiny grain of sand beneath my paws. The next day was going to be even more exciting because we were having a Cockapoo walk at Harlyn Bay, which is one of the dog friendliest beaches in the area. I was going to meet my girl crush Winnie again and I needed to work out what I could wear to impress her. 

There is a long cliff-top walk from Mother Ivey's Bay to Harlyn Bay, and if you walk it there are sheep to say hello to, views to look at, and lots of bushes to wee over. I needed to let the hounds know I was back in town!

The sun actually shone for the Cockapoo walk and I got to meet lots of other Poos, as well as their humans, which meant copious amounts of tummy rubs, chin rubs, and ear tickles. It was a heavenly day ... and Winnie was there too, although she seemed more interested in her ball than me, so I told her off a few times. 

After a busy and sandy walk, the humans needed refreshing so we all went to the Harlyn Inn where we took over a few tables and languished in the lazy heat of the day. 

There are so many things for hounds and humans to do in the Padstow area, and the best part  – forgetting the shops that Mummy likes – are all the beaches! If you haven't ever been, the one beach you must must go to is Constantine Bay.  Oh my ... fellow hounds ... this beach is everything we all need. It has a coffee hut where Mummy bought a cheese and onion pastie, it has a little ice cream van too, toilets (which cost £0.20), lifeguards, super-surfers, SAND, and lots of sea. The car park is very small and costs £4.00 so we got there early to get a space, but it meant Mummy didn't have to carry all my luggage (and my sun tent) too far down to the beach. 

To make it even better than I thought it could get, we walked around the corner with my girl crush Winnie and found another beach, and somewhere for the humans to eat. They never expected it, but the Youth Hostel served the best food (I deny stealing any of Mummy's), and us hounds were allowed not just outside, but inside too! My Mummy is really fussy with her food (I wonder if this is where I get it from), but she loved the food here. It was fresh, cheap, served quickly, and served with a smile. 

Eating seemed to be a thing with my Mummy this road trip but it wasn't all quite as successful! We tried Rick Stein's Fish and Chips in Padstow, but my face said it all and even I spat it out!

Then we went to a place called the Blue Tomato in Rock, which served us hounds sausages in cups, inside, out of the torrential rain that suddenly splashed down on my little nose and in my eyes. 

After all the excitement, I thought Mummy would let me have a rest, but no ... Winnie's Mummy and Daddy were on their holidays too so it meant that there was even more adventure to be had and we climbed into their adventure-car and headed towards a place where they sold doggy ice-cream. This is what holidays are made for - ICE CREAM! We found it at a beautiful place called Port Isaac. 

The adventures never seemed to end as our Mummies took us shopping in Padstow because we had been such good girls. 

But there comes a time when you have to say goodbye to the beaches, pack up the bags and head back towards London town, where City adventures wait. I didn't want any of it to end though. I love Winnie, even if I growl at her when she comes near my Mummy. 

I have asked Mummy if I can go back to Padstow next year, and to our static. I don't know if I like it better than Bertha the Beast, of even Bertie the Brave (our Scottish road trip camper), but the beaches here like us hounds, and Padstow is one of the dog friendliest places we have been to. Mummy loves it too, and when we go, we always meet up with friends, new and old. 

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