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Petals Tea Room | Dersingham - Norfolk

When I've been for a long frolicking walk in the woods – in this case, Sandringham – I always want a bit of a snack. I know Mummy wants a hot drink and a bit of cake too. Sandringham isn't the best place for this if you are travelling solo because us hounds aren't allowed into the restaurant or cafe. When it's cold outside and the benches are wet, it makes me sad to see Mummy sipping on just a bottle of water while I eat my yummy breakfast dowsed in roast chicken, so today, I decided to drag her to a little tea room I had seen on our drive to the magical forest.

I'd heard it was really dog-friendly too, and that meant I might get a few tummy tickles. I've been missing all my human friends in London and today threw myself desperately at the feet of an elderly couple in the forest. I could see they thought I was rather cute so I took my chances . I was right. I may have nearly tripped them up but they didn't seem to mind.

At the end of the walk, we drove down the big hill to Dersingham and parked up by a lovely quaint little tea room. There was enough parking for us to get a spot, and I dragged Mummy through the front door and to the cake counter. I knew she needed it and they even did gluten free ones so she sat down very happy.

While we waited for her hot chocolate to arrive, I made sure everyone knew I was there, and even the lovely lady who owned the tea room got on the floor and hand fed me treats. I was thrilled that she understood the importance of my tummy tickles while I pined for my London friends. Mummy's company is okay, but she gets a bit boring sometimes and just sits to read a book. That's not really fair, is it? Not when I can smell beaches in the air.

The little tea room (it isn't that little actually), does cream teas and sandwiches, is prettily decorated throughout and felt very traditionally English. It was wonderfully dog-friendly, even though I had muddy Sandringham paws.

Best of all, it meant that Mummy could have a lovely hot drink inside, take her coat off, and eat a piece of cake while I took a post-tummy-rub-indulgent nap.

A note from Julie:

If you are in the area and need a lovely cream tea, sandwiches, or just a hot chocolate and some warmth, Petals is definitely worth visiting. We were made to feel so welcome and it really is a cute and delightful place that could easily be missed if driving past. Sandringham is a beautiful walk but it really isn't that dog friendly unless you want to sit outside in the rain.


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