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NC500 - Day 9

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Sango Oasis - Durness (0 Miles)

We woke early in hope of getting an electric pitch so I didn't have to sleep on Mummy's head again to keep warm. Before we did anything, Mummy threw on some clothes and decided to try to get Bertie off the grass cliff top and onto some solid ground. I was allowed to run free in Bertie for once as we were only travelling a few hundred yards to the other side of the campsite. Everything looked hopeful as Mummy reversed off the grass cliff and backwards into the field, but as she tried to move forwards, Bertie got angry for the second time on this trip and he span his wheels in frustration. Mummy reversed back a little more, hoping to pick up some traction but when she pushed him forward again, he span those wheels with further anger and dug himself deeper into the ground. Bertie and Mummy fought like husband and wife, one wanting to go one way, and the other being a stubborn little oik that wouldn't budge! Sitting on the seat behind her, I heard Mummy mumble some quiet profanities and we sat still as her brain tried to work out the best way to stop letting Bertie be so stubborn. As she pondered how to use her charms to get him to move, a lovely man came running over with some kind of long flat rubber grips and he laid them before us, a Knight throwing his cloak on the puddle before a lady. Mummy smiled with great hope but Bertie was a monkey, and as Mummy tried to move him forward on the rubber cloaks, he span them up into the air with a mighty temper tantrum.

A second Knight came to our rescue and brought bright yellow rubber cloaks to throw over the increasing boggy mess that Bertie was spinning us into. We all crossed our fingers and Mummy gentle nudged Bertie back and forth until we were on the black rubber, and then the yellow. Just as we thought Bertie would acquiesce, he threw the yellow rubbers into the air, nearly hitting Knight No 2. Two more Knights came running over as Bertie dug us down even deeper, and came up behind him. Four Knights pushed Bertie's bottom as Mummy span and rocked, trying to tame the bucking Bertie into submission. We were riding rodeo style, bucking and taming, but Bertie was determined he didn't want to leave the beautiful view we'd had all night, despite the ice drips on our noses.

Then a princess with pink hair and pink tattoos came bounding over and lined up the black and yellow rubber cloaks. Mummy jumped out and asked Knight No 1 if he could take the reigns as for the first time, she thought Bertie needed a Knightly hand; she joined the three Knights and Pink Princess at Bertie's bottom, and pushed and pushed as Knight No 1 rocked him back and forth to get some traction. As they all pushed, Knight No 1 slowly moved Bertie onto the rubber cloaks and he began to move. Bertie was moving ... and as he did, Mummy and her warriors pushed from behind until Bertie was speeding off. He sped off so fast that three Knights, one Pink Princess and one Mummy all fell to the muddy ground. All I could hear as I sped off in Bertie with Knight No 1, was laughter behind me. I ran to the back window to see where my Mummy was... she was on the floor, mud in her hair and over her hands as the Pink Princess helped her up and then they all clapped and did high fives. Mummy came running behind Bertie who had been calmed by our No 1 Knight; she was still laughing and after shaking No 1's hand, she smiled all the way to the new pitch with electric to keep us warm. The excitement made me laugh too as Mummy gave me lots of cuddles and said that because we'd escape the evils of the grass cliff-top, we were going to investigate some caves where legend has it that treasure is buried beneath the waterfall.

Up hills and treacherous roads, we walked a long mile, until we found the sign for Smoo Caves. Taking a wrong turn, Mummy walked up us the cliff top, along the edge, and up mountains. I pulled her every step of the way, wanting to reach the treasure before any enemy forces beat us to it. Mummy isn't quite as fit as she would like to be so I patiently waited until she caught me up, and then I pulled her along again, until we had reached the cave's giant mouth. I wasn't sure I wanted to go into such a dark looking place that had giant tonsils vibrating at the back of it but Mummy said I would be safe if I stuck to her feet and watched my paws. Doing exactly what Mummy said, we walked down into the echoing dark hole that vibrated with the sound a someone having a giant wee. Mummy said it was the sound of the waterfall but I imagined it to be an Irish Wolfhound having drunk too much and was relieving itself above our heads. I don't like Wolfhounds much, they scare me when they bound over ... don't they know how little I am? I met one on the beach the other morning and it nearly squashed me when it went to say hello. I did a flying jump up at its face and told it off; I even showed it my little teeth. Finding treasure in the roaring cave wasn't easy. I sniffed and sniffed but nothing. We snuck our way secretly down a dank and musty little alley to the waterfall and stood for a few moments listening to the sounds. Mummy seemed to like it, the cool water splashing on her face, but I was still convinced it wasn't water and pulled Mummy away from it. Even if there were ten treasure chests beneath the falls, I wasn't going exploring further if it wasn't water coming down from above.

Trekking our way back to the top, we stopped to chat to a lovely couple who wanted to tickle my tummy. I happily showed them what it looked like and leant into their feet, upside down, so they could get a full viewing of my muddy stomach. As my tummy got rubbed, and I was cooed over, Mummy got midged. She'd been so hot walking up the hill that she'd taken her coat off and bared her arms to the barbaric little blighters. Back in Bertie was an entire concoction of repellents but they're no use if Mummy doesn't wear them; now she has itchy arms. After a long walk back, Mummy took me to the pub and bought herself some hot food while I fell asleep in my food bowl. We were worn out and needed some respite before I was going to live the dream and go to the beach. I loved our new pitch because the beach was a short run away and I could wake up to it every morning if Bertie decided never to move again. After lunch, we snuggled on the bed together to watch the waves from the back of Bertie and after an hour of Mummy photographing sea life in the distance, we dozed off together, all warm and drying off from the rain. When Mummy woke, she looked through the long lens again, surprised the sea like was still there. She thought it had been dolphins or seals, but with the tide going out she suddenly realised that she had been photographing the tips of ancient rocks for an hour. Rolling my eyes at her as she told me, I curled back up under my blanket until I heard my harness jingle. The beach ... the beach ... we were going to the beach, and despite it raining, we didn't care because no one else was on it so we could run and play to our little hearts' content. Drenched right through, was played for hours until we were both shivering, and Mummy said we needed hot drinks and dry clothes. We trudged wearily back up to Bertie; it was a happy weariness that play always brings and when we had munched our supper together and cuddled under all our blankets, we slept knowing that we had created another perfect day even though it started off with muddy frustrations and spinning wheels.

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