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NC500 - Day 6

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Bamburgh to St Andrews to Ballater (215 Miles)

Chickens. There were chickens everywhere, running amuck. I wasn't allowed out until they had disappeared but I managed to get a good sniff of one that was loitering with intent around Bertie. My Poos of the Round Table had disappeared and I was having to deal with the invasion as a single warrior. I didn't bark, that would give the game away, but I did (very stealthily) approach from the rear ready to sniff its bottom. I soon discovered they don't like having their bottoms sniffed like my fellow warriors and just missed out on a peck to the head.

We made our escape from the KFC invasion and plotted our journey to the bonnie part of the country, Scotland. We were finally going to make it there, after days of adventures and meeting beautiful Poos on the way. It was a long drive, but we eventually saw the sign ... Scotland!

We did a little happy wiggle in our seats and Mummy decided to row with sat nav again, making sure it didn't win the battle so we could divert off the main road and find our first Scottish beach for me to frolic on. It was a scary trek, where we entered the darkest deepest tunnels and ducked our heads in case bats lunged down on us, or bad men jumped out from the dank lurking corners. We were Amazon warriors with weapons at hand as we trudged the underground tunnel, so black that we couldn't see our paws and our feet. We could hear them though, echoing behind us like a fear that followed.

Every anxious breath was worth it because then there was light, and sunshine ... and a beach. It was a small beach but desolate and golden, ready for my paws to be the first ever explorer paws on undiscovered sands. We danced around together in the excitement, knowing we had arrived in the land of celts and clans. It was going to be magical, so we ran like children and enjoyed the freedom of there being no adults to tell us what to do. I sniffed where fish had been captured and bravely climbed to the top of the world to look out to sea, where mermaids and dolphins swam together, protecting the Cove from the swashbuckling pirates intent on skulduggery. When we'd explored every inch of a place back in time, we headed back through the test of the tunnel, a little braver but fully alert.

I snuggled under my blanket, and Mummy decided to listen to sat nav again, as it took us down through country lanes towards St Andrews. It was where Chariots of Fire was filmed and Mummy said I was allowed to run as free as a Poo should be, on the historical sands of a Hollywood great. I was going to star in the Poo remake and Mummy was going to be my film crew, director, and producer.

I was so excited when we arrived. There it was, the great Chariots beach, and I was on it, running with the wind in my cheeks and my ears flapping like a 1920's string of beads in the Great Gatsby. It didn't matter that it was raining, or that we were both freezing and wet; it didn't matter because we were still free, and I was finally at the beach.

With all the running, with all the g-force against my little body, I finally decided that I needed substance, and Mummy said she'd take us somewhere nice to eat. We walked through century old ruins where Poos of the Round Table once fought battles for their kings. They must have been hard battles because there was barely anything left of the once glorious structure.

It took some time to find a place where little dogs were allowed to join their humans inside but when we did, Mummy shared her beef and mushroom pie with me, and we drank from tankards of replenishing liquids that filled our souls.

As we walked back through the streets of Saints, the heavens opened themselves upon our heads and as people ran for cover, we ran to the beach to watch the magic that happens when water and sunshine mix their potions together to create the mystical colours that lead to pots of golds. We never found the gold but we relished the rain as if it were the liquid of Gods; it had to be in a place called St Andrews.

Drenched but happy, with full tummies and worn out legs, we restarted our journey to the day's final sleeping spot. We drove through valleys of pinks, greens and golds, and I wondered if this is where the rainbow started because the haloed glow seeped upwards to the sky. We drove in silence, too tired to speak to each other as the beauty of the national park where the Queen resides, weaved its glory along the windy roads. At last we had made it to where we could rest our weary heads, and as the rain dripped from the sky, Mummy set up camp, water running off her face as she made sure everything was done for us to keep warm during the night. With towels wrapped around us, we cuddled up to each other and dozed into a lovely snuggle of sleep.

My little legs twitched in the night and I whimpered as I ran and ran on the Chariot beach and fought our enemies with swords and paws.

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