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NC500 - Day 5

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Bamburgh Beach & Castle (0 Miles)

Today was the day that Mummy said I'd meet the 'Poos of the Round Table' - knights, princess, kings and queens. I was so excited that I paced the small floor of Bertie and kept peering out the window in anticipation. It's not easy for a little dog like me to peer out the window of Bertie the Bandit. I have to jump my my body length to get up onto the chair or bed and there's not much of take-off runway. I shuffle my back legs and lick my lips before I do it, in preparation of mustering a positive mental attitude towards my success. Sometimes Mummy picks me up and puts me up there but then I just want to get down because I don't need help and I didn't ask for it. I like to be in complete control of where I am going.

In the distance, I saw a small white chariot veer towards us. I naturally had to bark - we didn't know whether this was friend or foe coming to our door but then Mummy smiled and I rushed out of Bertie cooing a hello. When she coos I know it is a friend that enters our world and I can relax. Auntie Barbara had driven her chariot for miles across hostile lands to whisk us away to the golden sands of Bamburgh, bringing us gifts fit for the kingdom we were residing in. I noted that Mummy now had another addition of the pink fizzy stuff to add to her depleting supplies. From the back of the chariot, Eddie, a majestic four year old black Cockapoo glided out. I wondered if I should courtesy because he looked very king like to me. We sniffed each other's bottoms respectfully and were then chauffeured down to the landing point of all the other Poo royalty. Some even turned up in their very own chariots ... I am starting to wonder if Mummy really does love me because I don't have such a thing for when we travel. I'm thrown into Bertie the Bandit with a bag of bandanas and expected to look good without any effort. I bet Kate Moss doesn't have to endure such conditions.

I looked on, rather jealous that I didn't have my own very special chariot, but then I saw my brother and half sister pulling their way across the car park and forgot all about the idea as I allowed myself to be pounced on by Lottie, my younger and rather playful half sister. Oscar, my brother, tried to say hello but I just gave him what for as sisters should and he submitted without retaliation ... as all brothers should. I love him so much but he isn't allowed to know that.

When the 'Poos of the Round Table' had all congregated, we embarked on our pilgrimage to the Castle. We battled across the sand dunes with the wind forcing our ears into the air, and as we went, we dropped secret poo bombs as warnings to any enemies that followed us. We were not going to be deterred from reaching the Kingdom; it belonged to us and we were determined to have it. Along the beach, we practised our knightly skills, chasing balls to test our speed and accuracy, chasing each other to test our combat abilities, and theft, we practised a lot of thieving because it could be a matter of life and death if we weren't able to steal the things we needed to keep the Kingdom ours. Safely, we took our humans to the edges of the Castle and scoured it for enemy forces as we walked across the green behind.

A large white tent, disguised as a local dog show, didn't deter us from sourcing our reward for making it to the Castle safely - a banquet of all sorts of delights; I even got to try a Bamburgh Banger and some creamy mash with peas and carrots because we were so happy to have banded together, the Poos of the Round Table, in our quest to secure the Castle and keep it from harm.

In the sunshine (oh yes there was actually some sunshine after a night of being in Bertie and listening to rain pellets land on him like tin cans being thrown at a brick wall), we ate merrily and laughed together, a merry band of crazy Poo parents with their sleepy Poos.

After such indulgences, we made our way back to the chariots. Wide awake again, we frolicked with each other, chasing balls, daring each other to run faster and race harder. We frolicked so much that I was sad when all my knights and princesses left us in the car park. Mummy and I got into Auntie Barbara's white chariot, all down that we had to go back to Bertie and eat tinned soup for supper, but then Auntie Barbara asked us 'where to next?' and life was suddenly full of adventure again. The beach. The beach. I wanted to go to the beach ... so off she drove. We had no idea where we would end up but we followed the coastline and found the perfect beach so I could finally know what it felt like to be free on golden sands. So happy to have finally made it, Auntie Barbara and Mummy celebrated with chocolate ice-creams drizzled with chocolate sauce. The sun shone down on us as we walked and played, with Eddie (the Secret King) and I dancing in the sea as our mummies chatted like old friends.

Eventually it was time to go back to Bertie the Bandit but I was so happily tired that I didn't mind. It was the kind of tiredness that feels so good and so peaceful, that I curled up in Bertie's beddy arms and ignored Mummy until it was time for my supper. After a nose nudge on her leg, a quiet eating of my kibble and carrots, I sauntered back to bed and this time, I didn't mind my Mummy picking me up and tucking me in because I was dog tired and ready to gently snore my way to new adventures in the lands of kings and handsome knights.

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