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NC500 - Day 4

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Robin Hood's Bay to Blyth South Beach to Druridge Bay to Bamburgh (138 Miles)

At some point, we knew we had to leave Robin Hood's Bay. I didn't want to because it meant leaving the beach and I'd only just found it. I sat and watched Mummy from under the blanket, packing Bertie up. I didn't help - why should I - she was taking me away from the thing I loved the most and I was feeling very petulant about it. There's more to packing up Bertie than my little brain can comprehend. Mummy has to remove everything from our tiny little work-surface that hides a sink and a double hob. I've noticed a lot goes on underneath the glass panels that hide everything. There's usually a bit of an explosion, with pots, pans, and sometimes even cooking. Mummy shoves tea towels into cupboards too - I think it's to stop the clanking when she goes over potholes and speed bumps a little too fast for my liking.

On top of all that, I like to make it difficult for Mummy to make the bed too because I like being under the blankets and cushions (I'm not an early riser like a lot of Poos). I snuggle down and watch from beneath the covers so Mummy has to make the bed around me. She's very patient considering I don't do anything to earn my minimum sausage wage. When she'd put everything away, except my food bowls, I heard my harness tags rattle - that always gets me moving. It doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing, I know the rattle of those tags as well as Mummy's whistle, and I was out of my bed quicker than Louis Hamilton. There was a new walk I'd asked Mummy if I could go sniffing along; it had lots of brambles and over grown bushes that I wanted to stick my nose into. It also had signs to the beach ... lots of signs that Mummy surely couldn't miss. That was my real plan.

We didn't see any monsters or pirates down the pathway, but I felt taunted by the beach signs everywhere as apparently I wasn't allowed to go ... we had a long drive, said Mummy. Feeling sad, I got back into Bertie after reluctantly eating my breakfast and having my feet washed in the big sink. Apparently I wasn't allowed in the sink but Mummy said if we got found out, I had to give them the Poo look.

Sleeping off my sulks, I heard Mummy tell the sat nav that she wasn't listening anymore. It kept talking though and I sat up alert, realising that Mummy was being naughty. The more Mummy didn't listen, the more the sat nav shouted at her to turn around. Something was going on ... something exciting. Mummy was being disobedient and suddenly I wanted to join in. Standing up, I rested my paws on the big giant door handle of Bertie and looked out the window. I wanted to see what was making Mummy so mischievous that she wanted to ignore the stern voice that kept coming out of the little machine she always seemed to listen to without question. I couldn't see anything but I knew the smell in the air - it was the sea - the saltiness was drifting to my little nose that was wiggling with delight. Oh, Mummy had done it, she'd surprised me and found a way off the horrible boring road, to the beach. I kept looking out the window then at Mummy, then out the window. It had to be coming soon because the big white donut-fat seagulls were squawking above.

Then I saw it, a giant sheet of blue waters rippling under the sunlight like little diamonds had been sewn into it. Maybe that's what a mermaid's wedding dress would like - water diamonds shimmering under the sun. Whimpering, I dragged Mummy to the sand and nearly pulled her over as she bent down to let me off the lead. Without giving her a chance to get herself organised, I jumped up like a Tigger on Red Bull, demanding that she throw my ball as far as she could. I think she likes to do this so she can get me out of the way while she sorts herself out.

I frolicked and ran for over an hour but then Mummy said we had to leave because we had a long drive again. I don't like long drives, they always seem to take me away from the beach. In protest, I ate a few mouthfuls of sand and proceeded to attempt a sand castle poo. I haven't mastered it quite yet but I'm getting there. One day, I will poo one as intricate as Bamburgh Castle.

It wasn't long before we were back in Bertie and on the road again. Sat nav quietened down for a while but just as I was nodding peacefully off, dreaming of one day going to the beach, I heard it shout at Mummy again. Last time it did this, something exciting happened. I can't remember what it was but I knew when sat nav shouted, Mummy was whipping up a rebellion and sticking her fingers up at the little machine. I like it when Mummy sticks her fingers up at things ... it means I can be naughty because she's lost the plot and doesn't care if we both get told off. I wondered why she didn't turn the sat nav off but she said she enjoyed knowing it was getting annoyed at her because she could swear at it, and Mummy seems to like a good swear. I didn't know what she was getting so excited about because all I could see were trees, and although trees are okay, I've weed up so many (despite being a girl) that a tree is just, well, a tree, and they always smell of boys. My sister (Jess) and I, like to rectify this fact by cocking our legs and weeing over the boy wee. We're so street...

Beyond the lake and the trees, hidden so no one could see it unless they tried, was the beach. THE BEACH. It was hidden so well that I couldn't even smell it. What a wonderful Mummy - oh I love her. I love her so much that I ran off and disappeared in the dunes whilst she carried all my kit, like bowls, water, food, ball, ball thrower, poo bags, and of course my personal camera. I don't know why she is always so slow to catch up. My lunch was served while I listened to the waves and dug in the sand. Then I barked at the people who decided to choose the one spot in the entire empty beach, next to us, to fly their kite. Mummy didn't ask me to sssh this time so I barked and barked, and front-paw bounced so they got the message and moved. Mummy smiled at them and explained that I was a nervous little thing and would probably carry on barking as I didn't like the big flying thing but I know I would have been quiet if Mummy had asked. I think she uses me to her advantage, although I bark at lots of things I don't like.

With lots of walks around trees, ponds and beaches, I zonked out in the comfort of Bertie while Mummy drove us to Bamburgh. She said that we had a big day coming because we were meeting 'Poos of the Round Table' near the Castle, where the Kings of Northumbria once lived. My little ears pricked up at this because I've spent my life tackling pirates on beaches and so I've never met a King or a Knight. I wondered if I'd marry one and finally become a Lady or a Queen. Queen Rea ... I went to bed dreaming of handsome beautiful Poos riding down the beaches in their quest for my paw in marriage. I drifted off wondering who Mummy would approve of.

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