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NC500 - Day 3

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Robin Hood's Bay (0 Miles)

Oh we woke with such excitement because not only did we not have to drive anywhere but we had big plans! Plans so big that I couldn't sleep all night for fear that I would miss the alarm and never get to the beach. We were going back to the pirates' den of debauchery, and we weren't going alone. Mummy had called for back up from my Auntie Tracy, and she came armed in a red Mini full of trinkets that we could use to cross the palms of anyone who stood in our way of getting to the beach. I've never met Auntie Tracy before but Mummy has spoken to her for my entire lifetime on a wonderful Facebook group called Cockapoo Owners' Club (UK). It's a crazy group full of dog lovers and Mummy has made some of her best friendships there since she's had me in her life ... I'm a wonderful addition which I think requires much more sausage payment than I actually get. There should be some kind of minimum hour sausage salary for us doggies ... none of this zero sausage hours nonsense. After lots of human screams of delight, kisses, and tummy rubs (not between my Mummy and Auntie though ... that could have been rather embarrassing in public and a bit too forward for a first meeting), we speeded off in the little red Mini which matched my Auntie's sunglasses (there was sunshine for my first ever beach adventure). Within minutes and down country lanes, I could smell the sea air and started to cry with the anticipation. The sand was there, I could see it in the distance. A long stretch of beautiful sandy curves in the Bay just waiting for my paws to make little prints on it.

Down a steep steep hill, so steep I nearly pulled Mummy down it with my excitement, we wound our way towards the Bay, and all the merry activity that travellers brought with them. The cobbled roads were lined with caverns of candy and rum delights, all showing off their wears in windows or on old wooden crates I can only assume were recovered from the high seas and ship wrecks. It was a glorious walk that smelt of fish and chips, and that wonderful scent of vinegar (that always smells nicer than it tastes).

At the end of all the trinket caverns sent there to entice Mummy to spend money, was the beach. No one would know just how expansive the beach was by its entrance - a tiny little slope where people stood to admire the view. Let off lead, I ran and ran, my nose to the ground as I hurdled big seaweed monsters and salty sea streams. I knew exactly where the sea was, and the purest sands, so I led Mummy and my Auntie down the long stretch, for miles and miles, as the sea decided not to eat the beach that morning. Oh my little legs bounded with utter joy and my nose ... my nose sniffed so hard that I snorted my body weight in sand, I'm sure. Mummy said I sniffed in so much that I'd probably poo a sand castle the next day. I'm not sure I'm that talented but I love how she has faith in everything I do.

I was even more excited because I had two humans to throw my ball and I didn't let them get away with not engaging me with every step they took. My ball and I go everywhere together and I love it as much as tummy tickles and fox poo. After hours playing on the beach, we all needed to fill our tummies with food delights and hot warm drinks. We found a little eating place on the middle of a hill and while Mummy and Auntie Tracy munched into their cake and sipped on hot chocolates, I scoffed down my kibble as if I hadn't been fed for a week. I probably hadn't been fed for a week .. I live so in the moment I'm not sure of what happened an hour ago and I have a feeling that Mummy never feeds me - it's why I am always hungry. We'd only walked another five minutes and somehow the humans were hungry again so we stopped for the best fish and chip lunch Mummy said she'd had in years. I wasn't that impressed to be honest; I can't get my head around fish. Mummy keeps trying me with it but I like meat, proper meat, like slabs of steak and juicy chickens. What I couldn't work out too, is why Mummy and Auntie had dessert first then lunch. Humans always do it the other way round and I'm sure Mummy tried to confuse me sometimes. I did like the idea of a chip though but despite giving my best 'I love you' eyes, I wasn't allowed because apparently salt and vinegar are bad for me. Why do humans get away with eating everything that is bad for me? I wish someone could explain this to me because I get to eat everything that is good why Mummy eats everything that is bad. It's double standards. Don't humans care about themselves as much as they care about us?

After a late lunch, my Auntie had to say goodbye and we had to go home. I was quite relieved as my little legs had walked their white socks off and my head was beginning to bob up down as I struggled to keep my eyes open. My whole body crashed on the lovely comfy bed Bertie always kept made for us, and as I snoozed, Mummy made Bertie look even prettier than he already did. She filled our little home with fairy lights and bunting, covered me in colourful blankets, and left me to dream that one day I may get to see the blue waters of a beach, and sniff the salty air. I love my dreams because I always live in the joy that something exciting is going to happen. Mummy knows I like adventure so as I snuggled into warm blankets, I sent her a another love look, just to say thank you for a perfect day.



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