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NC500 - Day 17 to 19

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Glenbrittle to Armadale to Silversands (58 Miles)

Bertie was watered, drained, and cleaned before we made our great escape. I didn't know it but as I slept, Mummy studied the map to see if we could at least leave Skye with a beautiful adventure behind us. It wasn't the island's fault that the music had been stolen from Glenbrittle and Mummy says it's always important to find the good in something bad - that's when the best adventures happen. We snuck out of camp and headed back towards the bridge but before we got there, Mummy turned off down an exciting road and I knew we were about to find something magical to brighten our souls. We arrived at a beautiful little village called Armadale where big boats shipped cars and lots of Berties over the Sound of Sleat. Excited, I sat up on my chair and watched as Mummy bought us tickets.

With an hour to wait, we explored little shops full of bright colours and shining trinkets. We were in the land of merchants who brought boxes of treasures over the water to sell for silver while they squelched around in big rubber wellies and waterproof trousers.

The sun shone through the blue skies that were sprinkled with soft cottony clouds, and the wind whipped against our hair as we travelled away from the Isle of Skye and back over to the mainland. We sat up on deck, a new adventure, and watch the mountains behind gradually fade into the distance as new ones arrived in front of us. The world looked pretty again and our souls were restored by the sound of the sea smashing its greatness against the hull of the big boat.

We landed safely from our journey and Bertie took us out of the port towards Arisaig and its silver sands. On the way, we saw the most beautiful beach we had ever seen, the White Sands of Morar, and Mummy promised that we could go back to a place that looked like paradise to me. I was disheartened that we were driving past such an oasis of sandy delights but Mummy wanted to secure a pitch on a site we weren't due to arrive at until the next day. We arrived just in time, and when I was allowed to escape Bertie's hull, I found myself on the beach ... the beach ... it was on my doorstep. Oh what heaven I had been given. I ran free down the rocks and found myself knee deep in soft thick sand so luxurious that I threw myself into it and did sand angels all over.

We spent the rest of the day just sitting in the puffy white sand, sinking further and deeper into it as the sun began to go down and tide slowly came home to rest. That night, we went to sleep knowing that the morning would bring sea right to our doorstep and we would wake being able to step straight into the most gorgeous paradise. Mummy said, when we woke, that she would keep her promise and find the White Sands of Morar again but first, we needed an adventure on the sea, so we drove to Mallaig and found some sailors to take us out into the wild seas so we could see seals and dolphins. I was allowed on the boat with Mummy and made a friend in the young American lady who took it upon herself to protect me from all the influx of feet that loaded onto the boat just before we left port.

I stayed between her ankles as much as I could and then curled into Mummy's arms to keep warm as the sailors sped us back to port after seeing lots of wild Scottish beasts that hang off giant rocks, all fat and lazy. There were lots of shouts and screams as a giant whale was spotted but Mummy didn't stop cuddling me to take a look as I got so cold with the wind whipping through my fur.

On the way home, we dosed up with a hot chocolate (and a sausage) but not before I fought off a mean looking pirate with fire arms!

Then began to hunt down these famous white sands that we knew we had seen.

Oh it was the biggest beach I could ever have imagined and we walked and walked, trying to chase the sea but never catching up with it. I played behind rocks, dug holes so deep that Angus would have been impressed, and rubbed myself in every piece of seaweed I could find.

We didn't see much sign of pirates or swashbucklers so we claimed the beach for Scotland, as enemy free, before spending our evening curled up in a blanket together on the little beach Bertie was protecting for us.

As the sun set, Mummy and I sighed together, knowing that our time on paradise was running out and what was around us was a precious moment we could share together forever, if I ever remember that Mummy kept her promise.

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