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NC500 - Day 15

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Big Sands to Applecross (61 Miles)

Today was part of a 24 hours scare-a-thon according to Mummy because we were driving to Applecross, along the coastal road before a quick nap and then over the Bealach Na Ba (Pass of the Cattle). I didn't like this sound of this one bit and refused to get up until I could at least say goodbye to Big Sands, my love.

Mummy said it wasn't a very long drive so we wouldn't have to stop anywhere on the way but that was a lie because she kept stopping all the time and taking silly photos. In protest, I kept getting off the passenger chair despite my harness being clipped in, which meant I kept hanging myself between the two front seats. I did this in protest that we were looking at big hills and not beaches, but when I did it round a tight bend with a very long drop, Mummy finally unclipped me and said I was trying to kill us both, along with Bertie, which would clear out her bank account and leave nothing to friends and family when we die. I had no idea what she was talking about but I know she wasn't very happy with me as she had one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on my harness to stop me sneaking in to where her feet were on the pedals.

Mummy whispered a 'thank god' when we landed at Applecross and parked Bertie. Within minutes, we were down the pub having steak and chips, and downing a pint of lemonade to calm Mummy's nerves. I was allowed inside Applecross Inn but the sun was shining despite its battle with the Wind God, so we sat on a bench table and had our lunch together while watching the tourists trying to park in the tiny carpark. We weren't tourists to Scotland anymore ... we had morphed into locals because we've been away from London for so longs and knew how to drive a single track road in reverse, at a respectable speed - we were Scottish 'street' now.

After lunch, I nudged Mummy's leg because I had sniffed out a beach. It was a funny looking one but it smelt like a beach so it must have been one. We scrambled over hedges and rocks to get to it, and then I ran free but Mummy didn't walk as fast as she normally does and I realised that she was being attacked by the slippery monsters that lived under the water until the tide went out. There were monsters every where, all skidding around her ankles and she looked more anxious than I do when she leaves the room for 32 seconds without me.

There weren't just sea monsters, there were swarms of things on rocks that made Mummy freak out and and try to run away, but she couldn't run because the slippery monsters dragged at her ankles. I'm sure I heard a few profanities mumbled as she tried to catch up with me but I'd found sand, a funny pinky reddy sand, but it was sand, and I wanted to make Mummy happy after my behaviour in Bertie.

I was thrilled to make her smile again and we chased my ball into the sea that was so salty it left my fur all crunchy around my little moustache. I'd drunk quite a bit before I realised just how salty it was and spent the next few minutes spitting it out while making a horrendous hacking noise that made Mummy run my back gently. After a hard walk, Mummy tried to take me shopping but the lady behind the counter said I was too wet and dirty to come in. We won't ever be going there again.

Feeling sad for Mummy, I wagged my tail at the ice cream lady and told her what had happened. She smiled and gave Mummy a free amaretto ice-cream to munch on while I dried off in the sunshine. The water sparkled below so we sat back, kicked off our shoes and cuddled up on a bench until our bodies couldn't keep each other warm anymore.

Our skin, thick with salt that the Wind Gods had splashed all over us, smelt of the sea as we headed back to Bertie and a warm pale blue blanket that we could curl up under. Mummy said we needed an early night because we were getting up with the chickens (do chickens get up early then?), so we turned off all of Bertie's lights, plumped up the pillows and fell asleep staring up at the sky through Bertie's skylight.

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