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NC500 - Day 10 to Day 13

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Sango Oasis to Clachtoll (61 Miles)

I didn't want to leave Sango Oasis so when Mummy wasn't looking, I did the Great Escape out of Bertie's door and took myself down to the beach. Mummy had only turned for a second to reach in for my lead but in that second I remembered my starring role in Chariots of Fire and ran with the music in my flapping ears. I didn't see Mummy panic, or hear her whistling for me because I was down that beach path like Forrest Gump on six cans of Red Bull. Without thinking, Mummy ran to the dunes' edge and whistled so loudly that all the dogs in the neighbourhood turned their heads to see what was happening. When I reached the icing-sugar sand, I turned to check on Mummy, only she wasn't there behind me like she usually was. In panic, I ran back up the dunes but couldn't see her and then I tried to find Bertie because he would know where she was. Beneath all the big giant wheels of other Berties, Mummy said she spotted my little legs pacing back and forth so she whistled and whistled until I turned in her direction. Then I saw a big wirey mean looking fence and I couldn't get to Mummy through it. Oh my little heart raced as I ran back and forth looking for a hole I could squeeze through. Mummy kept whistling and as she did, she ran along the edge of the fence, whistling for me to follow her. As she ran, she guided us both to the entrance and then I jumped all over her and licked her face while making little grunting and howling noises. I may have put my tongue up her nose in delight but this time she didn't notice because I was wiggling all over her. Mummy told me I was never to do that again and then she let me run back down to the beach. I kept checking to make sure she was there as I'd scared myself ... although it was rather fun having a mini adventure all on my own.

After a lovely last walk on our favourite beach so far, we munched some breakfast and then set off to Clachtoll where we were staying for three nights so Mummy could have a break from driving Bertie and I could live in the sand dunes. We didn't drive for very long though before Mummy decided to ignore sat nav again, which kept shouting at her to 'turn around when possible.' Eventually she unplugged the annoying woman and smiled at me, asking if I wanted to go to the beach ... of course I did! I would love to see the beach one day and was so excited that I howled loud enough to wake the sheep on the side of the road. We parked Bertie next to a random graveyard in the middle of nowhere and trotted off down a country lane; I looked up at Mummy because I didn't believe her when she said their was a beach nobody goes to at the end of the lane and if we were lucky we would find sand and sea. All I saw were giant hills ... hills so big even Mummy couldn't touch the top of them. I wondered if this is what was meant when humans said they'd been led up the garden path. Despite my apprehension, I started to smell the salty air being carried on the high breeze and began to wag my tail like a propeller. Mummy called it my beach wag because it's the only time my tail truly goes in circles. At the end of the lane, past all the sheep and their poo, we found our little cove and Mummy was right, no one else was on it. No one else had ever been there before us; it was our cove, and I was the Marco Poolo of the beach world. I could map our discovery and share it with the Poo universe. Mummy had pencils and paper in Bertie so I planned to spend my afternoon pawing a picture for other Poos.

It wasn't just a beach, it was magical cove with mystical ancient stone stacks and running streams across big chocolate boulders. Suddenly, Mummy was all excited and I wasn't allowed my ball as she quickly fumbled for her phone. I don't know what she was looking at but she said there was a seal bobbing in the water. I don't know what a seal is and I couldn't see anything but Mummy was fixated. I tried dropping my ball at her feet but she ignored me; then I tried putting it on her lap but that didn't work either. My last resort was rolling it in even more sand then plopping it onto her camera - that always seems to get her attention and my ball was thrown for me, some distance away. When I brought it back, Mummy was still staring out to sea, so I dug a massive hole and turfed as much sand as I could, all over her feet. I got my ball play before we headed back to Bertie and tackled the long drive to Clachtoll. I watched out the window in great anticipation of the beach Mummy said was mine for a few days. I could only dream of what that would be like, which meant I couldn't sleep as we drove through tiny narrow lanes and round bends that made me close my eyes in fear. I'm glad Mummy didn't close hers or we would have been over the edge. It took hours to get there but when Bertie was parked up on nice flat (dry) ground, we ran through the dunes and onto an oasis of sand and crashing waves. We had found a little cove of paradise. It was a beach untouched by pirates or knights, with nothing but little paw marks to show it had been discovered by fellow hounds who had journeyed to it ... to the gates of Elysium.

Despite the rain, we played for hours as the sun fought the rain and the rain fought the sun. The weather Gods battled for hours as Mummy and I played in the sand and chased each other with sheer delight. We spent so long playing that an entire day passed, with time just for nourishment and the occasional nap. On the way home to Bertie, we found a little blue cabin full of delights where Mummy bought supplies and a nice man from London, who owned the sea-blue shack, gave me a sausage for my supper. Tired and happily fed, we slept like hibernating bears until the next morning, when Mummy said Angus and his family were coming to play with me for the day. I brushed my fur and cleaned my ears for the occasion, then waited for their arrival. I'd seen photos of Angus and thought he was rather handsome so wanted to look my best. We saw them arrive in their red chariot and quickly left Bertie to welcome them to our wonderful beach. Angus was as gorgeous in real life as he was his photos and so I sniffed his bottom and tried to nip his cheek. I think he liked this as he was all excited and waved his bottom in the air. Our paradise sands were small in size and long walks meant much ball throwing. I was pleased to discover that Angus was obsessed with balls as me; we had good common ground to start our day together. I didn't want to show him my other obsession too soon, with it being a first date, but Angus wasn't as shy, and he began to dig for victory.

Our humans sat on the giant chocolate rocks to watch as Angus and I joined forces to booby-trap the beach with giant holes. We dug and dug, working together so that we could keep the beach pirate free for eternity. Our holes covered the great white sands. I was so impressed with Angus's digging skills that I tried to kiss him but he was a Poo on a mission and although he gave me a quick sniff on the cheeks, he was busy working, with the focus to achieve his goal. Impressed, and in total awe of his work, I joined in with him again. The rain and the sun battled with each other again and yet we weren't deterred. Our humans sat, their hoods up and legs drenched, behind the Jurassic boulder that at least protected them from the wind. Watching us was hungry work and as they sat, they sipped homemade broth from Auntie Heather, out of brightly coloured mugs. Each took a big slab of fresh bread to dip in their steamy mugs as the rain added a little more liquid for them to sip. Scotch broth on a Scottish beach - Mummy said it was all quite surreal.

I liked Auntie Heather and her family as I got a big bag of Scottish treats to take away with me and tried haggis for the first time, which means Mummy will have to order me some as I liked it - a lot. On top of that, she'd brought us some chicken and Angus, a Poo still on his mission, didn't seem to be interested so I got lots of it, even when no one was looking as I sneakily swiped some out of the packet with my paw. On top of chicken and treats, I got lots of cuddles from Auntie Heather and her son, Cameron, who's wheelchair took on more sand than I could eat in a week. I wondered if his wheelchair would poo sand castles too but Mummy explained later that not everything can poo like me.

I tried a few times to entice Angus to kiss me but his digging was his focus and I realised that girls aren't his priority if there is work to be done. Mummy and Auntie Heather said he could come to stay next year when they are in London though, so I'm going to make sure there's nothing to dig when he arrives. I know my Furley won't mind... he will probably get more kisses than me anyway. I'm lucky with Furley, we have a solid foundation and both like the boys and girls for a bit of flirtatious fun but our hearts belong to each other. When Angus comes to stay, Mummy is organising a Poo walk with Auntie Heather to raise awareness for Cameron's '50 Walks and Wheels' for the Brittle Bone Society. It was the first time Mummy and I really understood about it all and I had to learn to be gentle so I didn't hurt Cameron in any way. I didn't mind one bit because he threw a good ball and gave a good chin tickle. We were sad to say goodbye after such a wonderful day with Angus and his family but then a sunset appeared which excited us both again and I was allowed back in the beach while Mummy drank her pink fizz through a straw; I guess you can take the girl out of Essex but never the Essex out of the girl.

We were leaving Clachtoll the next morning for a place they call Big Sands. I liked that name. BIG Sands. That can only mean one thing ... the beach! Oh what a wonderful adventure was before me as I closed my little eyes and dreamt of a sandy paradise yet to be explored.

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