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Greenwich Park Playtime

The park, although often busy during weekends and school holidays, is surprisingly calm and peaceful. As one of the oldest parks within the Royal Parks family, the centuries of stories can be seen all around with old relics from days gone by (which are really good for climbing all over and doing some natural agility to keep us fit and lean).

There's lots of squirrels to chase, and every so often (fairly often), I manage to find a pile of fox poo to roll in, so humans beware - we may come back a little stinky if we are lucky!

With 183 acres of land to roam around in freely, the park is a good place to run off lead. There are entrances scattered around though, so if you're one of the great escapers, let your humans know about this so they can keep an eye on you, or keep you in the centre of the park.

There are no best seasons in the park because it is always beautiful, and there are some incredible sunsets to be seen, as well as Cherry Blossom in the spring.

One of the most important things for all humans, is to find coffee and cake, so we have investigated the supply of these thoroughly for you. There are three human replenishing venues, all offering a different ambience.

The Pavilion Café

The Pavilion is right in the centre of the park, and serves a whole range of food and cakes, as well as drinks. It is well stocked, and has good facilities.

Us dogs aren't allowed inside though; we have a special area outside where it is paved. We aren't supposed to go into the grass picnic area but we've seen people sneak in there when it gets really busy and there aren't any dog friendly tables left. We often do this but don't tell anyone!

Good to know: don't expect fast service. Even when it isn't busy, the service is like an old steam train, rather than an express!

Park View Coffee Cabin

We love this little cabin. It's outside and although there are picnic benches, none have shelter from the English weather. However, tell them you're human is buying a sausage for you, and they cut it into little pieces for you, so we don't scoff it down too quickly. Theres always a water bowl at hand too. You might have to queue for a short while, but they fly through the orders and do a yummy bacon or sausage sandwich, amongst other things. The coffee is nice too! I often get a sausage from here at the weekends and then we head off to a nice grassy area to look at the view while we have our breakfast together.

White House Cafe This is a lovely little cafe at the bottom of the park near the Greenwich entrance. It is cosy during the winter and has tables outside for the summer. We quite like the ambience here - it is much friendlier than the Pavilion Cafe and service comes much quicker. There are no obvious rules about taking us dogs in. My mummy refuses to leave me outside so often runs in with me, grabs what we both need, and then we sit outside. We may have to investigate the coffee and cake situation a bit further.

Good to know: the loos aren't that pleasant, and despite advertising their opening hours, we have been let down quite a few times by it not being open.

Overall, Greenwich Park is an amazing day out, where you can take picnics (not BBQs), play ball, jump over obstacles like trees and stumps, rummage in the undergrowth, splash in the boating lake, gallop like a horse, climb steps, see London, and spend the entire day under a big old Oak tree where Elizabeth I used to sit.

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