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Getting a 'Goodwash'

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

There's only a few hounds I know who like being bathed, so when Mummy was asked to test out the new Goodwash Dog Wash, I stupidly hid in the once place I should have scarpered from! Normally, I am a fairly bright little thing, but seeing the shampoo bottle, and my shower hat, made me panic and run like Forrest Gump!

We don't always say yes to reviewing products because we like to make sure we are about quality rather than quantity, but the thing we loved about the Goodwash Company before we even sniffed their products, is that their profits not only go to helping humans, but also doggies. Mummy and I discussed this in great detail and having tried so many shampoos that were mostly full of bad things, we also discovered that the doggy wash from Goodwash was 99% Natural and FREE from Sulfates, Parabens, SLS, SLES. I don't actually understand what any of that means but Mummy said it was a good thing. Not only is the shampoo good for the environment (and totally vegan), it is also good for my skin, and helps other doggies who don't have the luxuries that I have. We wondered if this was all too good to be true so were sceptical when our little parcel arrived.

The excitement soon left me once I realised that Mummy actually had to use it on me, and not just sniff it! Sniffing it didn't appeal to me at all. I would rather have shampoo that smells of fox poo, or dirty dusty chicken bones that had been cast aside on a busy Saturday night, but I could tell Mummy liked it because she kept sniffing and sniffing, and then when Furley's mummy turned up, she sniffed it too. Furley is so lucky as he doesn't seem to get dipped as often as me.

Once all the posing for photos was over, Mummy got down to business, testing this new-comer to the market and seeing if it held up its end of the bargain. Firstly, it lathers up really well on very little, which means I wasn't dowsed in smelly stuff that took hours to work into my thick curls. Once I'd been foamed up, Mummy noticed how easily it rinsed out. Sometimes it takes ages to rinse out all the bubbles and I get really bored with having to stand and wait while I am cleansed from head to foot. This doesn't mean that the shampoo isn't luxurious because it is. Although not overly thick in consistency, it has a lovely creamy feel to it that didn't leave Mummy's hands dry or too overly perfumed. Because of this, one small bottle will go a long way in our bathroom, alongside the tomato ketchup for my fox poo addiction.

The Dog Wash, made up of lavender, rose geranium, and tea tree, had quite a distinct tea tree smell initially, and Mummy hoped that this might help with my paw nibbling because it drives her crazy in the middle of the night. Once rinsed off, the tea tree smell fades wonderfully and the undertones of the lavender and rose geranium rise through. Apparently, I smelt good enough to snuggle and kiss again, although I disagree and to be honest, I don't care what shampoo I am washed in because I hate them all for washing away those yummy fox poo perfumes from my golden locks! But ... there are two things here that I do like about the shampoo, which are 1) not being in the bath so long while getting bubbled up and rinsed off, and 2) knowing that every time I am put through the nightmare of a bath, I am at least helping fellow hounds. On pondering this last reason, I came to realise that the more I roll in fox poo, the more Mummy will have to bath me, and the more shampoo she will have to buy. Inevitably, this means I will help more doggies. Fellow hounds ... we have now found our social and ethical reason for getting more down and dirty than ever before!

Up the stinky revolution I say, and a big paws-up to the Goodwash Company for being a new Welsh social enterprise that is giving back to the world, one wash at a time.

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