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Covent Gardens

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Every so often, Mummy likes to take me back on public transport and into London Town. I think it’s because she likes to escape into the City, and to keep me true to my roots of being a commuter hound. I’ve been travelling on trains, tubes and buses since I was big enough for my vaccinations, when Mummy had to commute into the office and take me with her.

Today, to keep my focus off my bottom which needs a squeeze unless it sorts itself out, Mummy said I was allowed to spend the pocket money I’ve been saving for my friend’s Christmas presents, so we jumped on the train and headed towards Covent Gardens. There’s a posh doggy boutique there called Bow Wow London and I was excited that I could buy my friends some scrummy Christmas presents. I can’t show you them as they’re a surprise, but I had a fabulous time sniffing everything while Mummy picked out my Christmas presents too. John, one of the lovely owners, snuck me a few healthy treats too so I was waggy tailed and in my element.

After our shopping extravaganza in Bow Wow, we dashed into the Apple Shop to quickly charge Mummy’s phone. We were surprised we were allowed in but instead of telling us off, the nice security men gave me lots of cuddles while the battery charged enough for Mummy to take a few more photos.

Many shops let Mummy and me in so we could buy a few more presents; some turned us away and some didn’t even notice. We worked out that the best thing to do was just try, waiting to see the response. I think that’s why Mummy put me in my Barbour coat, so I looked the part of a Covent Garden girl-about-town.

After lots of shopping, Mummy bought us a hotdog to share from a street vendor and we sat on a pretty bench to have our lunch together. We ate outside because although there are many open air restaurants I am allowed to sit in with Mummy, she has been craving a hotdog for months, and wanted to sit freely, to eat in her own time and to swig trashy fizzy drinks.

After lunch, we investigated the Christmas tree but Mummy told me not to get too excited by its size because ours would be much smaller and we could never afford to fill the Covent Garden one with presents.

With our shopping bags and full tummies, we continued to wander around the festive streets, enjoying all the activity together.

Covent Garden is a busy place for a little dog like me and Mummy is very careful of when she takes me. Week days are always the best because weekends just get so busy with hurried feet that make me a bit nervous.

In my bag, which Mummy always carries for me, I know she has my water bottle, a collapsible bowl, my food, and just in case I have an accident in a place I shouldn’t, she carries kitchen roll and a pack of wipes. I’ve never had an accident so I don’t know why she thinks I will at my age ... I am grown up enough to understand the etiquettes of wee and poop!

London is exhausting even though it doesn’t feel like a long walk. All the manoeuvring to avoid feet, and smelly things to snuffle, makes me very tired so I was pleased to be on the train home with my bag of Bow Wow treasures for my best pawfriends. I just hope I can wait until to Christmas before sending them!

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