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Covehithe - Suffolk

Know before you go – pack light but pack everything you need for a day away from any facilities: there aren’t any – nothing. This is easy for men, but ladies … Travel Johns and She-Wees come to mind if you are going for longer than a doggy walk.

Blink, and you’ll be driving past Covehithe wondering where on earth it is. That’s the joy of the beach though: not many people know it is there. We went during the week, at around 9.30 in the morning, and we only met a few other dog walkers. It felt we had the entire cove to ourselves.

There is very little parking and it only takes around ten cars on the side of the road to make it feel busy. We parked here, next to the church ruins, which were fun to walk around.

There are a couple of houses close to the entrance to the footpath, so we wanted to be respectful and not park too close to them. Once you are parked up, there is a pathway down to the cove, which runs alongside a farm field; I was kept on my lead during this bit so I didn’t go rummaging in the crops. Remember, farmers can shoot us if we get onto their land and threaten their livestock. I don’t want to be shot, so mummy always keeps me on a lead, even if there are just things that look like lettuces being grown.

The pathway is around fifteen to twenty minutes walk through overgrown brambles (once past the field) and requires shoes other than flip-flops (flip-flops would be okay, as long as you don't mind a few pokes by angry brambles). You’ll hear the sea lapping at the sands as you near the end, and then you will arrive onto the beautiful expanse of sand (mixed in with a bit of shingle and pebbles). Walk to the end, and there you are, on one of the best-kept secrets in Suffolk.

We don’t know how long the beach is, but it’s long enough for me to get a good walk, have a splash, play with my ball, rest a while, then do it all again in the opposite direction. The beach has a backdrop of sandy dunes that us dogs can play in, humans can hide in, and we can all scramble over.

The sea at Covehithe is calm in the summer months, and humans brave it for a swim. I like to paddle and mummy doesn’t worry when I do because the waves lap rather than crash. We have never been in the winter months though, so don’t know if it is dangerous then.

If any of you woofs find an orange Chuckit whistle ball bobbing on the waves, it's mine. IT'S MINE. I was devastated when the sea ate it as it was my favourite ball, EVER. I left the beach, crushed and broken.

Is it worth the drive and the walk? Mummy says it is one of her favourite Suffolk beaches; that’s because it has more sand than shingle, is long enough for me to have a good run around on, isn’t overly populated, doesn’t have dog restrictions, and feels peaceful. I am not sure she would like to go there late at night on her own because of the walk back, but it’s a wonderful place to share with friends and family for a BBQ, or picnic

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