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Autumn Life with Little Rea 🐾

It's been a bit quiet from us here at Little Rea HQ. I've been having adventures with mummy on a regular basis, but she's been so busy with her studies that she's not let me near the computer to paw out all the exciting things I've been doing ... so, I've kicked her off the keyboard, and taken control. It's a mini-mutiny!

Since I last woofed you my adventures, mummy dumped me for three nights for an adventure of her own without me. WITHOUT ME. I'm not sure that's even legal, is it? While she was in Venice, floating around with singing gondoliers and sipping on Bellinis, with her camera as her adventure buddy, I made sure I had some fun of my own and sent her pictures of life without her. I was determined to show her that she wasn't missed!

Life became even more unfair when she returned. I was made to dress up as one of the gondoliers she had frolicked with. I didn't have any wounds to rub salt into, but it hurt just the same, and I made sure I gave my surly 'I hate you' face when she tried to take a photo.

I think mummy knew I wasn't impressed with her recent nomadic ways which didn't include me, and since then, she has been treating me to all sorts of sensory delights.

I've been to the local pub for breakfasts and even got my own bowl full of freshly cooked sausage and some scrambled egg.

I've had snoods knitted for me and despite mummy making them so big that I'm getting a Queen Nefertiti neck, she's getting better, and I am keeping warm. Luckily, I have at least one that wasn't knitted by her, which is a respectable width and one that doesn't embarrass me.

I've even been allowed to have one of my BFFs stay over, although I refused to share the famous posing chair and made her sit on the floor ... well, she stole one of my favourite bandanas from Albie's Boutique, so a line had to be drawn.

When I wasn't investigating what my BFF, Winnie, smelt like, I was paying my respects to the historical and poignant "Beyond the Deepening Shadow" at the Tower of London. I don't mind crowds or lots of feet, but mummy wasn't convinced about my safety, and I ended up being carried on her shoulder. I didn't care. It was an extra cuddle, and I got to see the world from a different viewpoint. I also got a lot more chin tickles because humans didn't have to bend down to say hello.

I love being a London girl. Mummy gets excited every time she takes me to its centre, and I get to walk and sniff so many new smells. Humans stop and make funny noises when they see me, and I can show them the cuteness of my tummy, which is always fluffy and warm. I feel somewhat grown up when we go, and there is always an extra bag of yummy treats in my travel bag.

Even more exciting was the fair that came to the village. I got lots more late night walks because mummy was trying out new photography techniques, so I was able to loiter at her ankles and have even more humans make funny noises at me as I posed on the rides. They sold sausages there too. Sausages ... the air smelled of sausages, and I made myself so tired because my nose went into smelling overdrive. If mummy hadn't bought me one, I think I would have nipped her ankles or weed on her new boots. She would have deserved that.

With all the excitement over, we paid our respects again on Remembrance Day, and I tried really hard not to sing along with the Last Post, but those high pitched notes were like mummy's singing so I couldn't help myself. I had to be led around a quiet corner and hushed. I pawsonally thought my singing enhanced the sound, so I did a few lingering mumbles when no-one was looking.

Photo Credit - www.greenwich.co.uk

I met some lovely Metropolitan Police Officers too.

Then everything got really cold. REALLY COLD. I have been shivering on my walks lately, especially when there's some human-to-human chatter happening. I demanded more snoods and more coats. If they are going to stand there and chat away, us hounds need a decent wardrobe to keep out the cold.

Meanwhile, to keep herself amused, mummy has been abusing her position as my primary carer, and I have undergone some dark days.

I have been dressed up as Father Christmas.

Photo credit - Auntie Tanya

Been made to embrace autumn.

Bathed yet again.

Made to wear a bow-tie for absolutely no reason.

Been put on a cushion for a lovely little girl's Christmas present.

Been drawn by an incompetent and artistically challenged mummy.

And been made to do some aerobics in the park.

Life doesn't get any more unfair than it does for me, and I am ordering a new little suitcase for my own Christmas present, so I can leave home because mummy said I'm not getting any presents this year. None. Apparently, all my present allowance is going to Battersea Dogs' Home because I've been told I don't need anything. I am not sure how I feel about this. I at least need a sausage!

Anyway, I'm signing off now because I can smell chicken in the oven, and mummy is clanking pots in the kitchen, which only means one thing ... it's my tea-time.

Thank you for reading with me today. Little Rea x


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