TrueLove was my second ever harness, and really, the first one I ever wore properly when I was even smaller than I am now. My first one was bright orange because the TrueLove range didn't come in very many collars back then (orange, yellow, and black). It still doesn't come in pretty colours directly from their website, but there seems to be a range of colours on Amazon either based on the TrueLove design, or from TrueLove directly. I now have the orange, black, pink and blue, with matching leads (of course).

Things we love about the TrueLove design:

1) It moulds to the shape of my body and doesn't make me sore by being stiff;

2) It has a grab handle on the top, which mummy has used to pull me out of ponds when I have fallen in, and when big dogs have been mean to me;

3) It has a top D-ring for my lead, but also a front D-ring for when I like to try to pull mummy off her feet because I'm excited to be out;

4) It reflects under lights at night so cars can see me; 

5) My GPS Tracker fits onto the harness really well;

6) It doesn't slide around my little body and stays firmly in one place;

7) I have never slipped out of it; and lastly, 

8) It washes really well when I roll in fox poo.

Things we don't love about the TrueLove design:

1) There is no place for my ID tag so mummy has put it on the front D-ring.

There isn't much we don't like about the TrueLove harness. The price is reasonable, they're durable, and the size has always been true to the measurement guidance. I am still in a small as I am only 7.9kg and tiny. The harness causes me matts apparently, but mummy says that's because I'm a curly little thing, and any harness would do that to me. 


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