We were asked to join the test panel for Dog Copenhagen's new harness, collar and lead range. As a girl who likes her accessories, I was thrilled to try out something new, and something not yet on the high street.

We chose the pretty wild rose colour, which looks amazing on and suits my gingery-blonde curls. The harness fits like a comfortable glove around my tummy and chest (I am in a small size), although we weren't sure whether it would at first, so emailed their customer services who responded almost immediately to our questions. 

The Comfort Walk Pro™ Harness has a top D-ring, and a front D-ring, so when I am pulling, my mummy has a choice on how to walk me. It also has the grab handle that saves me in certain situations and means mummy can pull me up into her arms when needed. On the top of the harness, at the rear, is an I.D tag attachment loop but I wasn't keen on having the clanking behind me so mummy moved the tags to the front D-ring, where I am used to them. It is a good quality harness, that reflects when car lights go zooming past on my evening walk.

The Urban Explorer™ Collar is solid, and exceptionally sturdy, with a double D-ring for the lead to click through, and a separate I.D loop so my tags don't have to attach where the lead goes. This is something a lot of other collar designs don't address. It's well padded so even if I pull, it won't hurt me. It's a little bit big for my small neck, but it is one of the best collars I have worn as it doesn't make me gag!

The thing we loved the most though was the Urban Trail™ Leash. The design is ingenious and well thought out. Integrated into it is a little zip pouch that holds my poop bags, as well as a tick remover and a few antihistamines in case I get stung by the swarms of bees that are buzzing over the wild flowers on my way to the park. In addition to the pouch, the lead has integrated 'traffic handles' which basically means the lead is doubled in three places so mummy can slip her hand through one of the three loops and bring me in closer so I don't go near the cars when we cross roads. These have come in handy for walking me to heel, as well as when we sit down for coffee and my lead needs shortening so I don't use my wiggly bottom to charm food from the other customers. 

Overall, we love the quality and design of Dog Copenhagen's Urban kit. It is more expensive than the TrueLove range, but balances against the average price of Ruffwear.  It definitely feels like the best quality walking kit we have, but so far, we haven't worked out how to attach my GPS Tracker to the harness in anyway. Mummy is good at working these things out so will find a way.


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