The Cockapoo Owners' Club UK was founded in 2011 after the Club's Founder identified a need for an increased awareness of ethical breeding practices of Cockapoos. It has become a place for potential owners to gain information on what to look out for with breeders, and to provide a support network to help owners through all stages of their dogs life. Their aim is to provide a club with the needs of both the dog  and owner in a friendly and welcoming  environment.

The Club also created a Facebook page, which currently has 36,185 members (this will continue to rise and the figure will soon be out of date). 

The reason the Club has mention on my blog is that without the Club, mummy and I would not have been able to create this website. We knew nothing before we started our journey together, despite my mummy having dogs before me. Us Cockapoos are different; like any breed, we have our own nuances and odd little ways (our humans are crazy people too). The Club provides its members with a wealth of incredible support, when things go wrong ... and when things are happy. There never needs to be a reason to post a photograph every day (or several in my mummy's case), and although many humans on there haven't met in real life, friendships are built because of all us furry personalities that keep the humans amused and out of trouble. 

Without the Club, my mummy's addiction to buying me things may never have happened, so if you join, you may need to take a second job!

If you are thinking of adding a Cockapoo to your family, the Club is the place to ask questions beforehand, and to do all your research in advance. It promotes ethical practices, and positive training. It can't recommend breeders because that is a subjective opinion and it aims to remain impartial, but it can certainly help you to ask the right questions and spot the right (or wrong) things so you can ensure you are bringing home a happy and healthy puppy. 

The thing we love about the Club the most, is that no question is silly (we have all been there), and we all have the interest of our dogs at the forefront of everything. 

So, if you have decided to add a Cockapoo to your family, take a look at the website page and Facebook group, because us Cockapoos are a special breed, and we need all our humans to be ready for all the love and craziness that we will fill your lives with. 


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