Mummy found Whiskers and Stitched on Etsy and fell in love with their bandanas because of the quality and their unique design. The bandanas are tie-ons, double sided and beautifully sewn. They wash up well (much needed when I've been splashing around at the beach), and so far they haven't needed to be ironed - that could be due to my mummy being lazy though!

Another fabulous find on Etsy (mummy seems to love spending hours hunting for things on there). 

These bandanas sit perfectly on my collar and the thing we love about them the most is that they are a lovely light cotton so they hang really well. They're backed with plain material, and when we asked for the Remembrance Day one it was especially made for me as mummy couldn't find one she liked anywhere else. They're lovely quality and beautifully stitched. 


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