About Me 

I was born on 5th January 2016, in Lincolnshire. My little family consisted of three girls, and three boys; me, Jess, Evie, Oscar, Teddy and George, whom I get to see at least twice a year: in January 2017, we had a birthday party in the Peak District, where our humans took over a hotel and made doggy cake for us all to eat.

I have a reputation for two things: firstly, fox poo. I have been known to roll in it everyday for a week, which naturally frustrates my mummy, who has a bottle of ketchup permanently in the shower so she can get rid of the smell. The second thing is my love life. I have boyfriends and girlfriends all over the UK (how can I not when there are so many gorgeous Cockapoos to love), but my heart belongs to my Mummy, who has the wonderful job of cleaning cling-ons from my bottom, and watching me muddy-up her lovely white linen sheets. 

When I'm not off having adventures, or in the park sniffing out the fox poo, I clean up well for photos. I'm not as well behaved as I look and am often being chased around the house with a bandana in my mouth, or refusing to look at the camera if I am not in the mood. I do enjoy it though because I get lots of healthy treats, and when my work is done, my tummy gets rubbed while I squeak my squeaky.

Some Important Stuff 

  • I howl on cue.

  • I nudge mummy's leg with my nose when I am hungry.

  • I backwards bottom wiggle when I want my ball.

  • I bark at the TV when Netflix is on pause.

  •  I do a victory lap in the garden when I smell Sunday lunch.  

  • I'm obsessed with my Ovo Eggs. 

  • I will stick my tongue up your nose when mummy isn't looking.

  • I'll steal your crisps but not your Quavers.

  • I like to help everyone, with everything. 

Little Rea


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